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I have heard this.  Is there any truth to this? 

VA for instance won't release your MBE score.  I have a hunch its because this rumor is largely true but they want to quash it.  I have heard some people go as far as to say that if you do excellent on the MBE they may not even look in depth at your state portion, because there is such a high correlation between high MBE scores and high state scores that they just look at it as a way to cut corners. 

I can imagine them doing something like that.  If they know that 99% of people who get X number of questions right on the MBE will pass the combined exam, is it cost effective to spend time scrutinizing their state essays?

Thanks for any input.

I got a 120-something on the MPRE and got a low B in my PR class.

How do they stack up against Barbri?

I have a ton of second hand Barbri materials, but I am concerned about not having a lecture CD or DVD set.  If I want the Barbri courses on iPod, I have to pay about $4700 for everything, they don't offer an option to just get the lectures.  The study group has an option for $900 and an option for $1700, both including materials and audio CD lectures. 

I talked to one person who used Barbri to pass Florida and The Study Group to pass Georgia,and he said he thought the latter was just as good.

Thanks for any input.

I have looked around on google but couldn't find anything.  I hear a rumor that certain states will accept an old MBE score if it is within two years, and you only have to take their state portion.

Anyone heard of this?


I recently graduated and my free westlaw account expired.  Essentially, I need to find the Florida Statute that says this:

When you move out, the landlord must either return your deposit (plus interest if applicable) within 15 days of termination of the lease, or justify in writing within 30 days of the lease termination, why part or all of your deposit is being kept. The justification must be sent by certified mail to your last known mailing address. If the notice is not sent as required within the 30-day period, the landlord forfeits the right to impose a claim unless you failed to give proper notice prior to vacating.

It may not be that exact wording.  Please copy and paste the statute and citation here.  This would be much appreciated, Thanks!!

Current Law Students / Re: Question about reciprocity
« on: April 30, 2007, 11:04:19 AM »
Coming from someone who just paid $3,018 for a Barbri course, plus another $500 for PMBR, $1200 is objectively "expensive" yet much better than taking a second bar exam.

Is the five year requirement universal?  I thought that was only for certain states.

Current Law Students / Re: Question about reciprocity
« on: April 30, 2007, 07:46:21 AM »
expensive??  I have never heard that before. 

I just want to be admitted in VA, DC, and NC while only taking the VA bar.  Wouldn't you think that the CLE courses would be good in all the jurisdictions in which you were admitted?

Current Law Students / Question about reciprocity
« on: April 29, 2007, 10:47:38 AM »
This website has a list of states with rules for reciprocity:

Now Virginia has a lot of reciprocity, but none with North Carolina.  However, Virginia has reciprocity with states that have reciprocity with North Carolina.  So, for instance, if I get admitted in Virginia could I apply for reciprocity in West Virginia or New York, and then once I get admitted there apply for reciprocity in North Carolina? 

Because they don't care how well you do, they don't care whether you actually learned anything, grades are subjective anyway, because they don't feel like grading more than one test, and because the smarter and more capable your class is the more difficult and/or arbitrary you have to make your grading procedure in order to get a bell curve.

Everyone in a decent law school is smart enough to get straight A's by any objective standard, if teaching you was the actual goal.  They aren't trying to teach you, they are trying to rank you, and in order to do that they must make it more unnecessarily difficult.

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