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Law School Admissions / opinions please on felony for law school
« on: October 15, 2011, 01:33:01 PM »
ok heres where i stand 172/3.38, when i was charged in 2006 with b&e that happened in 2001 @ 17 years old(in nc charged as adult) after my 23rd bday in 2006 was arrested and convicted in nov 2007, no record prior and since.  the da gave a plea agreement of no prison, the judge rejected due to the property value they claim was lost (around)1.6M, i was given the maximum 12 months in prison. ive spent almost all my resources on supposedly good lawyers and my case has been bounced back and forth through various courts and is still under appeal. Im hoping for an appeal best case outcome of it being dropped to misdemeanor or possibly getting a plea to conform with the new law in my state( i havent asked for a legal opinion on that new law either yet so if anyone knows anything about that as well.  I plan on disclosing this info fully in all apps but would like a realistic assessment of best case worst case admissions decisions/eventual character and fitness decisions. My goal for applying isnt high. any school will do, i just want to be able to learn enough to pass the bar, if all goes well i would want to defend people that were in the same boat as me who get raw deals


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