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Thank you both for the input, I appreciate it!

In thinking more about business school, it's not that I hate the material, I just feel that I've been working really hard towards a degree that won't really have any impact on my current pay level or status. It has always been about the bigger picture of graduating with a bachelors in whatever just so I can fulfill my true dream of going to law school. I feel like when I am going to law school I may look at the stress of it differently since I will finally be working towards achieving a goal I've always wanted. I feel like that now, but I know it may be much different when I'm actually doing it...

I'm interested in hearing about the law school experience for those going part-time that are still working a demanding full-time job.

A little bit about me....My job is very stressful and I am going to school full-time for my bachelors now and am really having a tough time. I am getting my bachelors in Business Management because my company is paying for it, so my heart really isn't in the material. I have always been interested in law and have wanted to be an attorney since I was little. The thought of going to law school excites me and I am really interested in learning the law. I am wondering if the fact that I will potentially love the material will help negate some of the stress and irritability I am experiencing now with doing a full courseload and working a challenging job.

Any thoughts or input would be much appreciated!

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