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Black Law Students / Re: Do you say the n-word?
« on: April 03, 2006, 07:35:03 PM »
Personally, I don't like the word and I don't use it in conversation (though I will admit that when I'm singing a song, I don't skip it--I have to work on that).  I don't necessarily mind when people say it around me, but I don't let friends/family/SO's refer to me as a n-word.

Anyways, I don't think ANYONE (black included) should say it.  I think it's dumb that people say that they are reclaiming the word. It's crap to me.  I don't see any other races/ethnicites trying to "reclaim" derogatory words that refer to them.

Since this is a deathmatch, my $ is on Michigan.  You never know what you are going to want 3-4 years from now.  The opportunities Michigan has to offer are worth the $80k.

I definitely agree.  Plus, if you get the urge to clerk, you would be in a better position having gone to Mich IMO.

They are ranked pretty similar (14th vs 19th), and though the Georgetown facilities are nicer, GW is in a better area. Otherwise, the bar passage rates, salaries and employment numbers, etc. seem pretty comparable.

Though it seems that they are a mere 5 rankings apart, G-Town is part of the T14, arguably (by some) to be the national schools, thus possibly giving you more opportunities than other schools (which would be deemed as regional).  Yet, you should just go to the school that you feel would suit you best.  Good Luck and congrats.

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