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Current Law Students / Electronic Blue Book Crash
« on: August 15, 2011, 02:08:05 PM »
Let me start this off by saying that I was not the greatest student in school.  While taking my CivPro final in May, to complete my 1L years, I experienced a software glitch within the EBB program.  As I took the exam a "text block" appeared that was as wide as the page and about 10 line high.  As i would hit the enter button or move the cursor using the arrow keys, the block would absorb lines and spit out other lines.

After about 15 minutes the IT lady appeared to have fixed the problem and I continued to complete my exam.  When I recieved my grade, D+, I met with my professor and discovered that 90% of my analysis was missing.  EBB printed out only one paragraph of the analysis.  The paragraph ended with an incomplete sentence. 

The school performed and an investigation, which included pulling files off my laptop, the schools servers, and talking to EBB representatives.  The school did not find a complete file that included the entire analysis, and surprisingly EBB stated they had never had this problem before.

Unfortunately the D+ pulled me below the minimum GPA and I was academically withdrawn from school.

The reason for this post is to see if any one else has experienced something similar.  I am interested to see if EBB has a problem with their software which could jeopardize the integrity of the students exams and grades.

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