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Current Law Students / Re: open your own practice
« on: August 15, 2011, 10:10:57 AM »
I am an older student and have one semester under my belt so far at law school.  I can tell you from my first impressions, that I bet 50% of my incoming class will not be doing a solo practice ever.  I had a very successful business for 12 years, I survived several bad economies, high interest rates, and a step learning curve (as I was a premed student in undergrad and had no business training at all), but I realized that all the training in world wouldn't have meant crap if you didn't have the psychology for it.  I have met many great attorney's who have been practicing for 10+ years and are excellent, however they have a lot in common regarding going off on their own.  Its a nasty four letter word FEAR!  They are complete badasses in the courtroom but solo work is like asking them to swim in shark infested waters douced in chum.  To be successful in a solo practice, you have to want it as a priority in law school, not as a backup plan if you can't get a job when you graduate.  My mother always preached to me to do something you love, don't worry about the money or how long it takes you to get there because once you do it will not feel like work.  She was right on both counts, as I can study for 10-12 hours a day and enjoy every second of it.  Of course I get tired but thats just physical, I look forward to the next day even if it will be the same 10-12 hour day!  I am dead set on starting my own practice right out of school, and am certain that I will be successful.  In the last 5 years I unfortunately had to use quite a few lawyers and have to tell you that most of them sucked.  Half of them went to really great schools, and as I got more experience being around them I realized many improvements I could make if I was in their shoes.  I recommend if you want to go on your own, start grooming yourself for it in law school.  You just have to remember the old business adage of "if you want to compete in business, find better way of doing it than the competition".

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