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Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: Law School at 52
« on: August 05, 2011, 12:14:54 PM »
Hello, and congratulations on  your acceptance to lawschool!

I am wondering if you could comment on your decision tree and
career path.

I am a surgeon, your exact age and I would like to transition from
the trenches of clinical medicine/surgery to policy making in medicine/washington
d.c....or something in health law.  I'm looking for advice and frank discussion.

I've talked to many people such as health care administrators, they say unless
an MD has gotten right into administration early in one's career, it's impossible
to break in in middle age, even with an MBA or MHA.

Although I had dedicated my life to being a surgeon, the climate in clinical medicine is dismal..
It's such an unhappy profession at this point. it's hard to think of doing yet more training
or education after what i've done already, but unless an MD stays in clinical after
a certain age, there's NO transition available..not with an MBA/MHA, etc.
Plus I live in the mid west, and do not like it at all.  I'm a displaced north easterner.
To try to move to a new practice or set up a new solo practice at this age is not

Are there any clinicians with no administrative experience who are embarking on
a JD with an eye toward working in Health Law or government (not staying in

I know the time and expense that law school would school, internship,
residency and fellowship have topped all of that...

I just want to take my life into a better direction and get back to the east coast,
specifically washington dc area where my husband has just taken a  high level
govenment job.

Thank y our for listening and for any thoughtful replies.

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