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I'll probably spend more getting new things, too.  But I guess I just want an excuse to buy new stuff.   :P  I did find a pretty decent deal from a moving company and I just messaged you to see if you'd like their information.  If only I could get into SW maybe we'd be driving cross country at the around the same time.  I made sure to renew my AAA just in case.  

Carolinahopeful, I'm a minority, too, but I don't qualify for URM.  Isn't the wait so agonizing???  Where will you go if not SW?

Do you think planning a trip to LA to visit the school will help me??  It's something I will do in a heartbeat if I know it will help, but also don't want to go through the expense if it's hopeless.  Plus, I haven't told my work yet and I'd rather not ask for days off to go to LA.  But like I said....... if it will help, I'm all for it.   :)

Well if that's the case then I had better kiss my chances goodbye.  I got a 152.  :(  I wonder if I sending in an addendum for my score might help - I don't want it to sound whiny though. 

Have planned your move yet?  It's a hard move and I have been back and forth on whether to take my furniture with me.  Of course, this is if I get in.  I haven't decided if it will be economical to pay to move all of my things or buy them there. 

I hope you're right and I do get an offer soon!!  How are your classmates being notified - phone, mail or email??

I am waitlisted at my top choice school (yeah I know - join the club.)  I found out I was waitlisted when I called the week before Memorial Day to let them know that I was going out of the country.  That's when they told me I was waitlisted and I told them I was very interested and gave them my sister's contact info since I wasn't going to be reachable.  I told them my sis had a couple of my checks that I had signed in case they needed a deposit before I returned.  I definitely made sure they knew that they were my first choice.  I called last week to check my status and learned that they had a 'no response' from the letter they had sent me about the waitlist.  They didn't think I was interested anymore and never actually put me on the waitlist.  Now I've lost a month and am trying to make up the time lost.

I live in Atlanta, but could make the trip to schedule a visit to the school.  It's a long trip and I really don't have the extra money for airfare, hotel and car rental. But if it will really boost my chances of getting into my top choice school I'll gladly do it.  Any ideas on whether this will help me?  And if so, how do you suggest I approach scheduling a visit?  Thanks in advance!!  :)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Apartment hunting in LA
« on: July 07, 2004, 12:17:36 PM »
I would love to see your data.  I'm moving all the way across the country - I live in Atlanta - so it's difficult for me to search for apartments without knowing the area.  I have yet to be admitted off the waitlist at Southwestern, but I'm being hopeful and it can't hurt to look for a place while I'm waiting to hear from them.  I looked at Park La Brea and it's GAW-GEOUS!!  But they would have to give me 6 months free before I can afford it.  HAHAHA  It does look perfect though. 

I am sure you are looking forward to this upcoming month.  A great time to reenergize before classes begin.  Do you have anything fun planned? 

How was it giving your notice at work?  I am feeling nervous, sad and guilty all at the same time.  I bet they were sad to see you leave.

That's an excellent idea!  Thanks for your advice.  I just wish I knew if a visit would really help my chances.  I really don't have the extra $500 to spend on airfare and hotel, but if it gets me into my top choice school then it's money well spent.  :)

Hope you had fun in ATL.  I'm certainly going to miss it, but I'm sure LA is just as wonderful.  Hoping I get to move there. 

Thanks for asking.. my trip was wonderfully memorable!  :)

How do you feel with Friday being your last day at work?  I think you're making a wise decision to take it easy this semester and then decide whether you want to work during the spring semester.  Will you be able to go back to the job you have right now?  I'm still too chicken to say anything at work.  Only 2 of my coworkers know right now, but I'll have to give them my 2 weeks in a couple of weeks.  *gulp*  I just wish I could tell them where I was going!!

That is a great idea about writing them the letter.  I'm actually contemplating scheduling a visit.  Do you think it could make a difference??  The reason I ask is because I have been debating whether to make a 1 or 2 day trip in a couple of weeks.  I'll be flying in from Atlanta (like I have an extra $300 for a ticket) and have to ask for more days off work (without telling them why) But if I know it will make a difference I will do it in a heartbeat.

And thanks for pulling for me.  I just wish they would let me know already!!!  I just want to know how to plan!!  If I'm moving to LA it won't be worth bringing my furniture so I'll have to sell it and I'll need time to do that.  Oh goodness, what a long month it will be!!

Good thinking Lime.  I have PT as my 2nd choice and I'll be happy either way.  Do you have a job lined up for the daytime?  I'm sure it will help get the loan payments down.

Congrats Crawford!!!  You really wowed them!!  They must have sent you the letter the second you left.  I bet you are so relieved and excited!!  :)

As for me......... I have been out of the country since Memorial Day weekend.  I called them the Thursday before Memorial Day to check on my status and also let them know of my sister's contact info since I wasn't going to be reachable.  That is when they let me know I was on the waitlist.  I told them I had given my sis a couple of signed checks from me in case they needed a deposit.  Made sure they knew SW is my first choice.  I called last week to check my status and learned that they had a 'no response' from me about the waitlist.  In their eyes, I wasn't interested anymore.  :(  I lost a month on the waitlist and hope it's not too late now!!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Law School Drop Outs
« on: July 01, 2004, 07:10:27 PM »
Leslie Wexner.
Founder of Victoria's Secret, The Limited, Limited Too, Express, Express for Men, Galyans, Lerner New York, Bath and Body Works, White Barn Candle Co., Cacique, Justice and Henri Bendel.  Also owned Abercrombie and Fitch before selling it. 

Incoming 1Ls / Re: have you told your employer yet?
« on: June 30, 2004, 05:55:52 PM »
I work in an 'at will' state and don't want to give them any reason to get rid of me before I earn my last paychecks.  I hate only giving them 2 weeks notice because I know it will take longer to find a replacement, but I also need the job.  Does that make me a bad person? 

Congratulations Lime!!!  If I may I ask a the part time division was your first choice program? 

Best of luck crawford.  Glad it went well today.  Did you learn anything new about the waitlist process? 

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