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Do you really think it would be possible to make that move so quickly?  The moving companies I have talked to give a 10-14 day delivery time of shipment.  That's from Atlanta so it might even be a couple of extra days from Carolina.  Plus, with it being such a busy time of year for moves it would be difficult to schedule something that quickly.  I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but it's a scary thought.  I wish I could just pack everything in my car and move myself, but not even my shoes will fit in my car.  LOLOL   :D

That shouldn't prove to be too difficult.  I'm just hoping I hear something soon because I'd really like to secure a moving truck and start my financial aid process.  Do you have a 2nd choice school?

I'm wondering when we might expect to hear something.  My letter came in on Monday and I mailed it back yesterday (Tuesday) and I am thinking they will probably get it on Friday.  Do you think they'll be making decisions early next week?  That's about how long I can wait without making arrangements for New Orleans.

I only hope we would hear something within the week.  Glad you have a good feeling about it - hope it means good things.  :)

My problem is trying to get the moving process started.  My second choice school is in New Orleans so the move is completely different.  I wish I could put a deposit down with movers and also for a place to live.  Plus, it's getting harder to tell people I have no idea where I'm moving to in 3 weeks.  The wait is so agonizing......

I just got home from work and sure enough it was in my mailbox.  I'm about to fill it out and mail it in tomorrow. 

Carolina, I'm not sure if selecting Evening will help with the acceptance.  It does say to rank them in order of preference so if you're not completely against I would put it down as a possible option - I know I am.  I think you and I are in the same boat.  It's so hard to plan such a huge move with such short notice (at least I'm hoping the move will happen.)  ;)  Do you have a 2nd choice school?

Twinkle, from where are you moving?

I called again last week and I was told they were going to send out letters to see which waitlisters were still interested.  I would imagine now that the deposit is due for the last group who were accepted there might be some more openings.  Is that wishful thinking?? 

I was just wondering if anyone received a letter from Southwestern this week.  If I'm not mistaken there was a deposit due this past week and they were going to send out a letter to ask those who are currently on the waitlist whether they were still interested in remaining on the list.  Anyone receive this letter?

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« on: July 09, 2004, 09:43:45 PM »
Oh wow, I find this so exciting!!!  I bet the two of you will have one awesome time in San Fran.  You two will make a most good looking couple.   :)

I tried calling Anne Wilson.....but they won't let me talk to her.  Any suggestions on how to actually speak with her??  I tried leaving a message, but they wanted to know what it was regarding.  And when I told them it was about my waitlist, they said I would hear something by the end of the month.  At least he did check that I was on the waitlist, but I want to talk to Anne.

Congrats, congrats, congrats Crawford!  How exicted you must be!  Where are you moving from?

Thanks for the pep talk, Lime.  I'm going to call and see if I can't schedule a visit.  It's not going to be an easy trip for me to make (especially since I haven't given my 2 weeks notice at work yet) but it's not impossible to get myself to LA and back in 2 days.  I'm going to see if I can speak with Ms. Wilson in order to schedule the visit and hopefully she'll tell me not to worry about it since I'm already in.  HAHAHAH  Ok, wishful thinking there! 

Thanks for your feedback everyone!   :-*

And on a side note....... I nearly pee my pants everytime the phone rings and it registers as an unknown number.  I have put out requests to moving companies on quotes (just in case I'm moving to LA) and their numbers always come up as unknown.  Maybe I need to slap on a pair of Depends just in case.   ;D

You're only considered an URM if you are 1) Native American 2)African American 3)Asian or 4)Hispanic. 

I know what you mean about the cost of going there and I really don't have the money either.  But the way I look it is that I've already spent all this money on applications and if it will really help me get into my #1 choice school then what's another $500? 

And thanks for the offer Kristi!!  You're too kind.  I thought if I do make this trip I can at least take advantage of visiting some apartments, too - just in case.  ;)  I spoke to my friend today and she said she could probably convince her roommate to let me stay with them for a couple of nights so at least I'll save on hotel.  I'm going to start looking at some airfare and give SW a call and ask if it will help.

It does sound a little promising to hear the waitlist IS moving.  Why can't it move my way??   :D  OK, Carolina, I'll try and not let it take the best of me.  It's just so hard not knowing where I'll be next month.  I'm just SUCH a planner.  Best of luck!

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