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Thanks for the kind words.  I think I was really losing it this morning when I typed that.  Maybe they'll have some news for me when I call tonight.


I still don't know about my financial aid, which will determine if I really do get to go to LS.  I would have been in the 2005-2006 L1 class, but had to defer for a year and now I don't know if I got the big scholarship again. I need to give notice NOW at work if I'm going to disappear in mid July, but I can't seem to get a straight answer from the school.  I call roughly every 7 days.  I'm 8 time zones ahead of where my LS is.  That means that every morning when I check my email to see if there is any word about the scholarship, and see that there is not, I get to think about it all day long until I can call in the evening.  Let's see... it's been 4 working days since I last called them, guess I'm due for another call tonight.

I'm on the very edge lately, it seems.  My British officemate is getting on my nerves more than ever- she ends every phrase with "if you know what I mean."  She's a hypochondriac homeopath and spends half the day chatting with her patients about their (and her) illnesses.  Just one of those things that annoys me more because I'm hyper sensitive and keyed up right now.  There are rumors flying around the office that I'm going to law school- and that's all they are to me, too- rumors.  Cannot confirm, cannot deny.  The constant uncertainty- it's been like this for a year ever since I found out I would have to reapply for the the scholarship- is really wearing me down.  What is it about me now that causes them to hesitate about giving me the scholarship?  My scores and GPA are the same as they always were.  I deferred to work at the UN, for crying out loud.  It's like stretching out the admissions process for an extra year.   

Is anyone else going through something like this?  Oh how I wish it was not 3:26 am at the LS right now so that I could CALL....

Hey Monarch Heels,

Just out of curiosity, what fellowship did you do?

A US Department of Energy program at the IAEA.  Maybe Denver doesn't like the IAEA reports on Iran  or something so they yanked my scholarship...?

Denver...I think. (Hi IL Duce Matthies!)

I was all set to start at Denver last year with a good scholarship.  Right at the beginning of April 2005, when I was still in grad school, I found out I got a REALLY good govt. fellowship. I had to defer LS admission for a year for this fellowship program.  Now Denver still hasn't told me if I got that scholarship again.  Before the 1st tution deposit was due, I called and asked about the $$ but they said they wouldn't be making any more decisions until after the deposits were in. 

I paid the deposit, even though I will not be able to afford to go if they don't give me the $$.  I told myself it's kind of like playing the lottery.  If I win, I get to go to law school.  Problem is, when you play the lottery, you find out fairly quickly if you've won.  So far, not a peep from Denver except for parking info.

So right now I'm struggling with calling again- would that be too pushy?  Maybe I should mention here that I'm going to have to cut this fellowship short by a month and a half if I get the scholarship and go to Denver.  Oh yeah, and move back to the US.

Maybe I should have posted this somewhere else... it's kinda beyond just a roll call.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Solo Laptop or Laptop + Desktop?
« on: April 24, 2006, 04:32:44 AM »
I have a laptop and a desktop.  (Apple Dual 2.5 G5 and an Apple MacBook Pro)  I LOVE it!  Writing your appellate briefs on a big screen that you can put multiple documents on is great.  When you start researching, you'll have 20 cases open-- the more screen real estate, the better. 

Wow, I'm jealous of your set-up. A "dualie" and a MacBook!  Render any video lately, or do you just like big guns? 

Incoming 1Ls / Re: The Official I'm Going to X School Thread
« on: April 12, 2006, 08:26:08 AM »
Seat deposit was paid at Denver today.

cheers, me too.

When I visted Denver last year they said something about the CO bar suddenly getting harder and that fewer UC Boulder students passed as well.  I don't remember much more than that...kind of a foggy memory to begin with...

  When you are in high school and drive around getting high all the time with other kids who won't be going to college, and when your in college and choose to hang out at the bohemian local townie bars instead of the trendy frat bars, you learn about the real faces that are involved in the criminal justice system along with having an appreciation for the circumstances that brought them into the system,rather than lets say, law school.

Right on!!

Sounds like a lot of law schools neglect their web sites.  Personally, I think it is a generation gap.  The people in charge don't realize how much we rely on the sites for information. 

Considering how cheap it is to put information on a web site compared to printing and postage for mass mailers, you'd think schools would use their sites more effectively.

oh, and uh...yeah, I am a web designer, so I might be a little picky. 

Has anybody considered not going to a school because the school has a crappy web site? 

I'm not talking anything severe like blinking neon pink marquees or dancing Lady Justices or anything.  I mean little things like bad links and outdated info.  It gives me a bad vibe-  if they can't get it together enough to hire a webmaster or can't be bothered to update their pages, what else are they letting slip through the cracks?

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