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Choosing the Right Law School / Leave T1 for niche TTT?
« on: July 23, 2011, 06:32:29 AM »
I posted on the transfer forum a while back, but figured I'd post here because I really need some objective advice.

I finished my 1L year at Colorado Law (ranked about 47th in USNWR), and while I really like the school, the area is really not for me and I could not see myself being here longterm. While Colorado is a T1, it's one with a very regional bent, so my job prospects would be mostly in this area. I'm in the top third of my class, have good relationships with a few profs and will be on a secondary journal next year, but I'm worried about portability. I don't have to tell anyone here about the poor job prospects for JDs generally, and I know it would be even worse if I'm trying to shop a degree outside of my school's market. If I stay here, I would probably try to "visit" a school out east my third year to try to do some kind of networking.

Before coming to law school I was doing nonprofit work in NYC, and I'd really like to get back into that at some point and restore some of what my life was before law school, but the schools in the city are outrageously expensive. I'm on scholarship at CU and would be paying sticker at a transfer, so I applied to (and got into) CUNY because it was cheap and has a public service niche, and was the only school where I could justify the expense. I know it's not considered a great school, but I think it might give me better prospects for public interest work in NYC and would actually cost less. I would also be able to live with family for very cheap to keep living costs down. (See debt estimates above.)

So my choice is to stay at a T1 out of my target region, or transfer to a cheaper niche TTT in the area I would want to live longterm. Keep in mind that I would prefer to do public interest or government work and am not interested in working for a firm. Any advice would be appreciated

Transferring / Northeastern, CUNY or stay out west
« on: July 13, 2011, 06:51:53 AM »
I'm currently in good standing at a top 50 school out west, but I don't like the area or the culture and I'm getting worried about the cost, even with in-state tuition and some scholarship money. I want to do public interest law and have strong ties to the New York area, and I'm looking at CUNY as a more affordable option to achieve that goal. However, I've found it really hard to find good information on CUNY since it has such a narrow niche. My other option is Northeastern, which is great for public interest and has a very attractive co-op program, but is even more expensive than my current school. My final option is to just stay put for another year, then do a study-away my third year and network as best I can.

Anyone familiar with either of these schools who can help me make a decision? Any advice generally?

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