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For my first semester of law school, I received 3 B+s and a B.  There are no A-s, so a +B is a 3.5 and my GPA is 3.38.  My shot of being in the top 10% for the first year is done (top 10% is usually around 3.7) and that's fine, since law school is full of 90% of people who didn't make the top 10.  I am pissed that I got a B which took me off the Dean's list (need a 3.5) and that one of those B+s couldn't be an A, which would also be Dean's list and a more attractive transcript.

I'm going to go to profs to review my test and see what I did or didn't do which killed my A.  Anybody else having this problem?  Are A's in law school that hard to get or am I just a hack?   :-[

Current Law Students / Should I join Student Bar Association?
« on: July 28, 2006, 12:16:54 PM »
The student bar association will be collecting dues at orientation.  Is this something worth joining?  Tell me about it.

Current Law Students / LEEWS CDs or One Day Program?
« on: July 11, 2006, 08:37:26 AM »
I've heard nothing but good things about LEEWS, so I definately want to get involved when I'm a 1L.  Do you think the one day program or the CDs are better?  Who here has tried either (or both)?  Thanks.

Thanks for your responses.  Tell me, does a law firm ever assist in finding living arrangements?

Question: If a law school would get a summer associateship out of state and not know anyone who lives there, what would he/she do for living arrangements?  It may be hard to find an apartment you can move into where you can go month to month.  What would the student do in this situation?  Any experiences or ideas?

What did you do for the summer after your 1L?  

I'm working as a law for the US attorney in Cleveland, writing briefs and memos and helping the attorneys with trials.

I havent been admitted but if I am there's a good chance it would be to their transitional program so I would have to take some classes the summer after 1L.  Just wondering what Toledo students usually do that first summer and if taking classes would end up hurting me.

All of the full time day students I know are working, anywhere from Toldeo to Michigan to Columbus.  I know transitional students who are taking classes this summer.  Some are just working and yet others I know are working and taking classes.  Basically, by the end of second semester, transitional students have taken all first year classes except torts and property.  You don't have to take those in the summer unless you want to try out for law review, which requires all first year classes taken at the end of the summer.  So you can work in the summer if you're not worried about law review or are interested in moot court (can't do both for time reasons).  Or you can take the classes and if you want, possibly do part time work as well.

Also, is there a good amount of housing within walking distance to campus?  What are the prices like?

There are plenty of houses and apartments.  I stayed at a place 15 mintues away, which was $459 and $200 for the first 5 months (go to the law picnic for specials).  I'm staying at a place right by campus this year for $650 which is more expensive, but I want the convenience and it's a nice place.

I have some general questions: How tough was your first year?  

It tough, but managable.  By far, legal writing is the toughtest course.  But it's also the most important for practice as I'm finding out.  Focus on that class the most if you have to choose. 

How many hours did you spend studying each week/weekend? 

Maybe a couple hours reading a night at most.  Outlining at night and on the weekends is the most time consuming, especially when you don't understand some material and you have to look it up in Gilbert's or other places and e-mail a professor if you still don't ge it.  It may take you hours to outline (maybe 10 a week minimum) but having a good outline is so important when you study for finals.  You study from your outline, so if it's missing things, that will cost you.

Do you think if you studied more you could have done better?

No.  The amount of time studying does not correlate to success.  It's about efficient studying.  So far, I've done better second semester.  If I could go back for first semester, I would have focused a lot less on reading.  Knowing the cases will not get you an A.  Knowing and applying the law will.  I got an A in Con law and I never read the cases, and if I did, I skimed it or looked back if there was something I didn't understand.  But I knew the black letter law and I payed attention in class.  To me, that's the key. Also, first semester, I did a lot of practice tests.  I would only do your profs old tests, and don't write out full answers, because that can wear you out before finals.  You'll never everything you've got for finals.

Second, the thing to know is that most if not all profs have a point sheet.  You mention something on the sheet, you get a point.  Having fancy conclusions or final thoughts or mentionig unrelated caveats will get you nothing.  Focus on the points, forget about grammar and pleasantries.

What are you up to this summer?  

Working for the United States attorney in Cleveland.  I writing appellatte briefs and memos (again, know your blue book and pay attention in legal writing and work hard at it. Your knowledge of property law won't allow you to make partner one day, but how you write memos and briefs and learn to research will.)

Did you hang out with your classmates outside of class often? 

Yeah, sometimes.  I lot more in the beginning and less one the semester got rolling.  There's plenty of opportunity to do so and things like bar review if you're interested and school related activities.  But as you know, law school is competitive, so if you're partying every night, there's plenty of students studying in the library looking to out rank you.

What do you think your transfer options were being top 25% at a T2?

Pretty good I think.  I would have a good shot at transferring to Case (I was waitlisted there last year) but I don't want that debt.  I would transfer to Ohio State if I could, but with them moving up so high in the ranking, I'm thinking they would accept top 10% from lower ranked schools only.  Any other schools 50 and above I'm sure I could easily transfer to, it gets tougher in the 40's I would assume.

If you would like my credentials, rankings haven't come out, but I have a 3.44 right now with two grades coming.  An A and B+ would give me a 3.5, so I hoping for that (or I'll just round up on the resume).  That puts me somewhere in the top 25%, but who knows where.  I was thinking about transferring, but I kept my scholarship, so I think I'll stay at Toledo.

Or maybe we can just chat about the Cavs playing tonight and how much the series is on the line if they lose.   ???

Fire away.

Is Ohio State Law. How did Ohio State go up so much? Is it going to start creeping up to the other Big 10 law schools like Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois. Wisconsin has been a steady fixture in the low 30s for the last few years so is Ohio State there for good or while it drop again. I know the school got a 30 million dollar donation a few years back. Maybe it's finally kicking in? What accounts for the rise of the buckeye nation besides greg oden?
edit: OSU jumped from #39 to #31 in the USNWR rankings.

Toledo also jumped eight spots (93 to 85).  There may be others who jumped as high if not higher.

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