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I agree totally with the frustration, this isn't deferral, it is waitlisting with the option for rejection at any time! I wrote an email regarding when I'd hear, my letter said April too. I wrote it Monday (may 8?) and they said I'd hear by the end of the week. What is their problem with just making a decision? LSN indicates they've only rejected 5 people of all those applied on that site.

I am still deciding between three schools and I have yet to hear back from two.  And a friend of mine is in the same boat, as well.

I'm there too, and I've got deposits at 3 schools too. I just yesterday got up the nerve to withdraw from Akron, and I am still torn. People are starting to get on my case about it too!

I heard from a psychotherapist that the way to deal with this stage is to research the choices even more.

withdrew from U. of Akron.

Yum! This post was totally worth it :)

Ew, they sent me a survey about why I turned them down.

Lewis & Clark is the favorite right now :)

I did it! I just sent in in a few minutes ago, citing the larger $$ I got from Willamette as the reason I wouldn't attend. Whoohoo!!!! One decision down.

I agree. Strike while the iron is hot.

I'd like a decision, personally :)

So should I leave mid July or August 1st? Most of my schools look like they'll be starting mid August.

...and Monarch heels... which school sent you the tshirt? Willamette gave me a free hat :) 

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