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Just came through with the final word... they don't have money for me... so I had to painfully withdraw (they were my #1 choice.) I LOVE THEM but I can't afford them. Not with free school and free books at Cleveland Marshall, plus my $~35000  net salary. So I could actually afford to take a lower paying job when I get out.

Still, I am very disappointed. I loved that school.

On the other hand, Cleveland Marshall is where my Grandfather attended, so I am in some way contributing to a family legacy, right?

I've already withdrawn from Akron, but they offered me a $5000 scholarship today, in case anyone is still hoping for $. I am praying for funds from Lewis & Clark but I don't know if it will happen, though they extended my deposit deadline to allow them to see the situation. Anyone received a recent scholarship from them?

Otherwise it is to Cleveland Marshall on a full ride (thanks to work) that I am bound.

Thank you for the thoughtful response! I will check it out.

well then for God sakes man go to Oregon--do it for Shaz and I ! Send pictures!!!

OOOOh I am a sucker for Oregon but decided not to attend  L & C because of $!

I've heard it is a professor by professor basis... and compared to some of these places with 2.0 curves, a B curve seems generous :)

Yeah, EEEP is right! I would much rather have the freedom to do whatever when I graduate.

grads... CM and L & C in particular, but either public or private. Yes, starting salaries.

that is very true. I think overall the relief of the 'no $' aspect is enough to recommend Cleveland State. I hope you love dayton, and if you transfer to case and need a roommate let me know! My friend went to Dayton for undergrad and LOVED it.

I wouldn't mind the federal loans, it is just the idea of the private loans that scare me. And L & C would be about $24000 or something ridiculous in private loans. After the $18000 in fed. loans.

Unfortunately our west coast branch is in California :(

So how are you coming with your decision? Where will you be this fall?

Just thought of something: can always move west and open up a private practice. I will be working the network out there for sure.

anyone know of a reliable place to find stats about first year starting salaries without having to subscribe to the site? Not a debate on their value, I recognize they are averages and sometimes self reported, etc, but would like to see them.

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