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So what if you are holding out for a better school, and you accept a lesser schools offer for financial/logistical reasons with the intention of transferring. You plan to go to a better school starting 2L. Is this just a dumb plan or do lots of people do it?

2 acceptances, 1 deferral, and 4 decisions yet to be made! The waiting is very difficult :)

just heard from Seattle's assistant director of admissions after writing an email saying where are you guys in your process...
Currrently we're in a bit of a mail lag as we approach the application deadline.  As file are received in the mail and downloaded, they are date stamped.  When we reach that date stamp in the mail processing, that is when your materials are processed and updated online.  It looks like the last movement on your file was 3/3 with receipt of the LSDAS report electronically.  Typically, it takes another 10 days to receive the paper version in the mail and we are also in about a 10-14 day mail lag.
Thanks for your patience.  If anything is missing in your application, you will receive an email alert.
All the best!

Hope this info helps someone who is agonizing about Seattle.


So here's the deal: I was deferred at Lewis & Clark. But I have no idea what that means, other than they are one of the 3 schools that have actually responded to me--(2 others, acceptances) They claim they will give me some kind of answer at the end of April or beginning of May.

My question, before I send in a deposit to one of the schools that can make up their minds, what can I expect with a deferral? Do they usually substitute for waitlists until they hear from more admits, thus likely resulting in admissions? Or are they just as likely to result in a rejection?

I have two acceptances, and deposits for both schools are due April 15th. Only problem is that I am still waiting on 5 other apps which are at schools I'd probably rather attend... I will most likely have no more than 2 weeks (if that) to make a decision, assuming the schools get back to me starting April 1st. Can I ask the schools to which I have been admitted for an extension on the decision? Can I politely see if they can up the scholarship $? What is the protocol?

I received my admissions to Willamette$$ and Cleveland Marshall, and since I live in Ohio a visit to Willamette is somewhat impractical. Does anyone have any thoughts about it, have you seen or heard about it? I am still waiting on 5 pending apps but I want to at least start picking a favorite based on my options. Any idea of the schools reputation?

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