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Incoming 1Ls / Intro + Info Request
« on: June 27, 2011, 05:43:19 PM »
Hello - I'm a 24 yr old New Yorker who, after about two years in the work force, is looking for a career change. I worked in financial services and truly loved it. I am considering a career as either an Intellectual property lawyer, a securities lawyer, or an Estate planning lawyer, with the latter being my first choice. Is it normal to have such a specific goal right off the bat? I plan to have an open mind as I'm sure I will learn about plenty of other career options and types of law during my studies.

With that question aside, I have another - my UGPA is U.G.L.Y. (2.83 EEEK!!!!!) and I have yet to prep for/take the LSAT. I was an English Rhetoric and Composition major with a Minor in philosophy who generally did pretty well in subjects I was interested, such as core classes and the occasional Yoga/Self Defense class (not lying).  Now that I'm older and (hopefully) more mature, do you think it's possible for a good school to overlook my sheisty UGPA if I can manage at least a 165 on my LSAT??

Also, do you think someone with my educational background will have difficulty absorbing study material and basic concepts for the LSAT?

Looking forward to any responses. Thanks in advance.

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