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Is it easier to get into the part time division of GULC than the full time?? They say that "After the first year, students can request to switch divisions. Approval is based on space availability", however how realistic would it be to assume you could transfer into the FT division from PT? Is it difficult?

After I transfered to a top 25 school from my community college...I decided to enroll in some online business courses. They seemed interesting and helpful as my brother and I were thinking about starting a business, ("starting an E business", "online marketing" etc), not to mention it is impossible to take business courses at my university (they are impossible to get into unless you are in the major). Anyway, I was a bit ambitious and decided to enroll in 4 online classes (while taking a full load of serious courses at my university). After the first week, I decided that online classes were a complete waste of time, and I decided to drop all of them. Well fast forward several months, and I noticed that I had 4 W's on my CC transcript. Apparently the drop deadlines were different than normal classes, so I was royally screwed. If I briefly explain what happened in an addendum, how much do you guys think this will affect me in admissions?

I will probably have a 3.2 (lsdas) gpa.....I transfered with a 3.0 from a community college...and I will probably be graduating with a 3.48 next guarter from my I figure my overall gpa will probably be around a 3.2. I have been doing great on my lsat I am realistically guessing I'll end up around 165 (although I have been consistently breaking 170).  In addition to this...I am hispanic...which I guess is normally regarded as an URM. With all this considered...which schools should I be looking at for reach, match and saftey??

Law School Admissions / Difficult to work in London/UK??
« on: December 31, 2004, 11:05:31 AM »
Over the last year I have spent about 3 months in London (school/pleasure etc)...and have come to really love the city. In fact, I plan on living/working there for 6 months after I graduate from college in June (through BUNAC program). Almost like a gap year before law school. However, if I wanted to move to the UK/London on a more permanent basis after law difficult would it be?? I work for an American firm in London...or maybe a UK firm who needs help dealing with American law (do they do that?). On the whole, if this is something that I wanted to it going to be hard? Is there anything I should do to make myself more marketable?? Thanks.

Law School Admissions / URM....3.4 gpa.....what LSAT to get into Top 14 ??
« on: December 11, 2004, 12:22:47 PM »
What LSAT would a URM need to get into the top 14 with a 3.4 gpa (from a top 25 school)?

Law School Admissions / Get a "B" or drop the class to save gpa???
« on: December 11, 2004, 11:25:45 AM »
I'm currently a senior in college, and I have a dillemma regarding a class I am in at the moment. I just got a C+ on a paper, which now means that an A/A- is out of the question for the class. The highest grade I will be able to recieve is a B+ (B realistically). At this late stage in the game, even B's can really be a setback in terms of gpa. Do you guys think I should drop the class to save the gpa (which would drop me into part-time status)...or just study my ass off for the B+??

I took some math classes at a community college a few years ago (it was to brush up before I took math at my university), but they were not college level. They were "elementary algebra", and "intermediate algebra"...both are remedial courses and don't give college credit. I recieved C's in both classes though (wasn't even thinking about law school... :-[ ). Since I was just there to brush up on a few things, I really didn't take the classes too seriously. Will LSDAS calculate these grades?? If they do....can I go back to my community college and take some other non-college credit classes? If these classes count, couldn't I just go back to the CC and take a bunch of bs courses?? (i havent graduated yet)

For example: Computer Information Systems 50: Introduction to the Internet


This hands-on course on the Internet provides information and experience navigating and using the resources of the Internet. This course covers exchanging mail, advanced search techniques, and downloading files and programs. Students will learn about the development of the Internet, proper etiquette (Netiquette), and social and ethical issues. Other topics include information on getting connected, privacy, security, and more. This course also includes the principles of basic Web page design, the use of graphics and other media files, and the creation of linked documents. Students will use both HTML and a Web authoring program to create Web pages and will have the opportunity to publish a Web site to a server.

I am dead set on going to law school then pursuing a career in corporate law. However, it is hard not to ignore all those stories of unhappy lawyers. If I become a disgruntled lawyer  and need a career change after 3-5 years of working, then decide to apply to business school....will a JD be an asset or liability?? Will I even need to go to business school to get a job in investment banking...or some other corporate job not in law??

 I am completing my last year of college right now, and I am having a hard time deciding whether to take the June or Oct. lsats. If I take them in June, then I will have to deal with mid-terms/papers/classes plus lsat prep...but I'll be able to apply to law school a bit early. If I take them in Oct, then I'll have the whole summer free to do nothing but study for lsats, but I probably won't get my apps in until Nov. What do you guys think?

I'm thinking about spending winter break in london, but I am not sure about the weather. Is it bad enough that it would make sight seeing miserable?? I have way too much stuff to deal with in the spring and summer, so it's either travel this winter...or stay home (I'm not looking for a tropical location since I will be travelling alone).

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