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Law School Admissions / What's up with Chapman University!?
« on: February 01, 2006, 02:30:40 PM »
For those of you who never had to look that far down the U.S. News list (bastards!), Chapman University is a tier 4 school in Orange County, California.

I've been hearing rumors that Chapman has been desperately trying to raise their place in the rankings and have subsequently been rejecting/waitlisting people with some great stats (especially for an 11 year old tier 4 law school). Anyone else have any news/info/thoughts on this?? Do those people who are waitlisted have a pretty good shot of getting in considering the fact that many people admitted to Chapman will never go there?

I know school rep matter and URM status matters to a degree....but how would this translate into GPA points ...or even lsat points for that matter?? I am asking so I have a better idea of what schools to apply too.

Law School Admissions / Will LSDAS send LOR's to other grad programs??
« on: January 27, 2006, 05:16:37 PM »
I was thinking about applying to some history grad programs due to the fact that my numbers are not too great, and I think I may want to apply next cycle, but would like to do more than work some crummy job. I can't get any more recs from professors (it was hard enough to get that done for law school...I go to a huge pub university, so it's quite difficult). Is there any way LSDAS would send my letters of rec to other grad programs??

What do you guys think my chances are?? I am retaking the lsat in Feb, and there deadline is June 1, 2006....i am thinking about applying with what i have now because it is pretty late in the the same time...maybe i should wait until i get my new lsat score. What do you guys think my chances are with my GPA: 3.05, LSAT: 151, URM status?

I go to a well known top 25 school...have a 3.05 lsdas gpa...I bombed the lsat and got a 151 (i was getting mid 160's in retaking in february), and I am a URM. I am basically looking for schools that are near major cities, have fairly decent job placement and salray ranges for recent grads.

So far im thinking:

Loyola Marymount
Brooklyn Law
Loyola Chicago
Penn State

Santa Clara
Univ of San Francisco

New England School of Law
New York Law
Vermont Law

any other suggestions?

I'm going to retake the LSAT on Feb 4 due to my horrible performance on Dec.3. Nonethless, I'm sending out applications for schools that have deadlines in Feb, though I have no idea if schools that have March deadlines accept the Feb lsat. Schools are closed until after the new year, but I would really like to know if any of you were able to attain this info at some point in the past....thanks!

Studying for the LSAT / Dec '05 LSAT: Quick RC Passage #4 Question
« on: December 04, 2005, 01:17:15 PM »
I don't know about you guys...but by the 5th section, my brain was pretty fried and I ended up spending a bit too much time on  the first 3 passages to make sure I was getting the right answers (and it appears so judging by the consensus in the other thread). However, I was left with only about 4 min for the last passage and I made the mistake of trying to skim it then answer the questions...nothing made sense ( I made educated guesses/choices on the first two....then filled in "D" for the last 5 as the proctor was saying "put your pencils down"...I didnt fill in #27 because I was afraid of being reported or something for working past time. Anyway....I was just you guys remember if there were many "D" answers on the last passage?

Law School Admissions / 3.18-3.2 GPA/169 14 chances?
« on: September 12, 2005, 08:25:30 PM »
With a gpa around 3.18-3.2 (top 25 school), and an LSAT score of 169, including the fact that I am an URM (hispanic), do you guys think I would have a shot at the top 14??

Studying for the LSAT / Score break through....hang in there!!
« on: September 10, 2005, 12:42:39 PM »
I just took the Feb 99 practice test (TM)....and jumped from a (145, 147, 149, 150) 152 on my last test to a 161. I think everything is finally starting to really gel. I know it is very frustrating not to see improvements, but just keep plugging away and doing your homework and taking those prac will pay off. I plan to bump the pressure up myself and hit the books even harder now that I know reaching my goal of 165 is possible if I keep at it....good luck guys.

Ok....I am taking the TM prep course...and so far on my diags I have gone from: Diag 1: 149, Diag 2: 147, Diag 3: 150, Practice test 1: 152.

I am taking another practice test tomorrow...and one on Friday....I'll see how I do....but I really dont know if it's possible to get into the 160's by Oct 1. My goal is 165+, but if I am not in the 160's thus far, what are the chances I will be consistent enough to get into the 160's on test day??

I am doing relatively well on the LR (usually 7-10 wrong...feel I can improve)...for some reason I just can't stay consistent on the RC (avg about 8 wrong, normally due to time), and the games I can usually get any game right, but it takes me way too long....sometimes I can nail them in 5min..usually it takes me about 13-16min.

Right now...I am studying for about 6-8 hours a day...before I was only getting in about 3-4 hours a hopefully this will help. Anyone else in a similar situation?? What do you guys think is the best plan of action?

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