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Sorry, one more 1L exam-related post.

I worked pretty hard sending out resumes and cover letters a couple days after break started --- set up a nice little outline for a writing assignment due a few weeks after school starts.

Then I checked the online system and a grade came through. C+ in a class I thought I knew well. (and another one might be worse than that)

Well, I can't just stop working at school now, can I?

Or is there really something to be said about how important winter break is?

I don' think I'll burn myself out, will I?

Job Search / Public defender clerking --- good experience?
« on: October 13, 2007, 10:20:19 PM »
Honestly I kind of think I should do this for (1) the experience [might be really hands-on, substanative?] and (2) the very least that I might do while in school is seek out some of the under-appreciated(?) stuff and take it seriously in deciding what to do with my career.

What do people think?

Anyone with experience in this field?

Is it the lowest level state court or the next level up?

I'm reading a case and I think it might be the later, if anyone knows for sure please enlighten me.

Current Law Students / 1L's: Do you like the people?
« on: September 15, 2007, 10:45:19 PM »
I've worked a few years out of college. Hardly gives me a sense of entitlement to say I think I know what I'm doing compared to those straight out of school. 

But one thing that got me into law was I got along well with lawyers in general.  These were ppl who, *generally* liked to think about things openly / admit they weren't always right / took interest in details of how things worked. 

At the one-month point in my first year, I don't see many of these characteristics in classmates (perhaps in a few of them). Did I have an unrealistic idea of lawyers' personalities, or is it just that as students we all haven't budded yet? At my school, a majority of students are straight out of school...

Regardless, *some* of these people are EXTREMELY ARROGANT and SNOTTY. I mean, its just unreal, the 'tudes of some of these dudes (and girls for that matter).  It's like I have to do a double take in given situations b/c there's no way a person who's managed to negotiate themselves through life would turn up their nose at another person like that... [except in law school].

Sorry, bad day and lots of time studying (perhaps unproductively) by self... but god does anyone else see the same problems? I wish the BAR had some kind of "no jerk" policy --- maybe I'm hoping for WAY too much.

Or do they somehow take into account the weight of your school's curve vs. theirs, etc...?


Hi, thought I would put this on the students thread (as an 0L) who really needs students' imput for this question.

I'm looking at two different schools, and one stiking difference between them is that one of the schools has a course listing which is much more expansive than the other's --- courses cover more "focus" areas, specific topics, etc. and there is a greater number of choices overall.

Could this be a "quality vs. quantity" issue? Or are there some good advantages to specific coursework?

Some background info: I've done paralegal work at a a big firm for two years - so I've been well exposed to the practice of law, and I do have a general idea for what specifics I'd be interested in. However, I understand it would be silly to think I know what exactly I'll wind up doing once I get out of school.

Loyola has the more narrowly-tailored curriculum
DePaul has a lot more electives

...but could you try and not let too much prejudice over the schools themselves override the question?

Thanks for the help!

Law School Admissions / Need Access....what is it?
« on: April 26, 2006, 12:04:06 PM »
What is need access?

I am a poor person going to law school in the fall...(my school is one of the participating members of need access)...should I send an application to Need Access? I have already sent in my FAFSA.

Choosing the Right Law School / Deferred = waitlist?
« on: April 02, 2006, 10:42:10 AM »
I used to think that when an application was deferred, the adcoms just wanted to hold your file for a little longer till they get a picture of the applicant pool. However my girlfriend recieved a deferred decision from a school like 2 weeks ago (she applied in mid december) which doesnt make a whole lot of sense considering it is now April much more could the applicant pool change? Are deferred applications essentially waitlists?

I just saw that a decision has been made on my file at Loyola-LA via online status checker, although I haven't recieved the letter yet. I was on LSN, but cant figure out if a wave of rejects, admits waitlists etc are going out. Anyone been accepted within the last few days?

Anyone have any info about the grading curve and the general competetiveness of the students at New York Law School?

I'm trying to decide between Cal Western and NYLS...and no matter where I go, I would like to transfer after my first year. 

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