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One person can't change a policy at a law school each faculty member only gets one vote.

Campos is valuable because he speaks the truth. He lets everyone know about the law school scam, such as the fact that your law school GGU has one of the worst placement records of all law schools (21% placement score on LST). You should be warning people about Golden Gate not criticizing Campos.

Paul Campos has a great post on racial exploitation by law schools.  He states, "What appears to be happening is that sub-elite law schools, and in particular low-ranked law schools, are selling (quite literally) the social cachet traditionally associated with the legal profession to members of traditionally marginalized groups. The historical fact that members of such groups, and in particular young people in these groups, are especially vulnerable to exploitation by powerful social actors ought to raise a red flag for anyone considering the meaning of these statistics."

It's becoming obvious what you are Maintain. I'm done dealing with your type.

That's what racists say when they are accused of racism.

Do you understand what merit means? Did you read the ABA Report? Maybe you can't see the point because you are not a minority who has had to deal with discrimination all his life.

The ABA Committee on the Future of Legal Education Report has condemned the practice of using merit scholarships to move up in the US News rankings because it hurts poorer students. The report does not call this racial exploitation, as I do, but since people of color are the ones who are primarily affected it is racial exploitation.

What you are claiming is not happening at law schools today. Minority scholarships have been largely ended in favor of merit scholarships intended to raise a law school's rank in US News.  If you have any evidence to the contrary, please cite to your source. Otherwise don't comment on something you have no knowledge of.

I meant scholarships for minorities or scholarships based on need. Of course, minorities can get merit scholarships. However, minorities are much less likely to get merit scholarships for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

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