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Washington and Lee / Washington and Lee Graduates Salaries Decline
« on: November 11, 2013, 12:43:38 PM »
Not only have W & L's job placement percentages declined significantly, so have the starting salaries for their recent graduates.  For the graduating class of 2009, the median starting salary was $90,000. For the 2012 class, it was 57,404.  In addition, the 75th percentile salary for 2009 was $160,000, while for 2012 it was $70,000. Finally, the mean went from $102,491 to $68,220.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / New Law School Rankings
« on: October 30, 2013, 10:42:39 AM »

Hofstra U School of Law / Paul Campos on Hofstra Law
« on: October 09, 2013, 05:24:14 PM »
Paul Campos has some interesting comments on Hofstra law. "Hofstra’s law school is a classic example of an institution whose very reason for being has become at the least highly questionable. Located in the hyper-saturated New York City-area legal market (there are about 15 law schools within 100 miles of its campus), Hofstra nominally charges a preposterous $49,500 in annual tuition and fees, even though half of the 2012 graduating class didn’t get legal jobs, and a grand total of 17% of graduates reported salaries of $55,000 or more nine months after graduation."

"Over the last three years Hofstra has, even more than American, defenestrated its admission standards. Three years ago the entering class’s median GPA was 3.58; this fall it is 3.14 (This latter figure is now lower than that of all but a handful of bottom-tier law schools with frankly quasi-open admissions policies). Over the past two years the entering class’s median LSAT has gone from 159 (77.6th percentile) to 154 (59.7th); a quarter of the new entering class has LSAT scores lower than those of the average test-taker."

"As for actual tuition revenues, Hofstra is notorious for giving “scholarships” to about two-thirds of students who matriculate — actually straight discounts on nominal tuition — that more than half of these recipients lose, because retention requires remaining in the top 40% of the class." "On the other hand, if Hofstra’s law school has, like so many other schools, engaged in profligate spending over the past few years while playing the rankings and prestige game, and was therefore only more or less breaking even or already running a deficit a couple of years ago, then . . . "

From the ABA Journal.
Among all the accredited law schools with merit-based scholarships, these 25 schools had the worst retention rates for entering students in 2011:

Akron (21%)
St. Mary’s (21%)
Howard (24%)
St. Thomas in Florida (24%)
Texas Wesleyan (28%)
George Mason (32%)
Rutgers-Camden (32%)
Barry (39%)
Florida A&M (40%)
Santa Clara (40%)
Chicago-Kent (42%)
Pacific-McGeorge (42%)
Catholic (43%)
Charlotte (43%)
Arkansas Fayetteville (44%)
Western State University (45%)
UNLV (46%)
Brooklyn (47%)
Chapman (48%)
Hofstra (49%)
Idaho (49%)
Seattle (49%)
Golden Gate (50%)
John Marshall (50%)
Texas Southern (50%)

Schools with 100 percent retention rates: UCLA, University of Minnesota, Emory, University of Arizona, University of Colorado, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Oregon, Stetson, Vermont, Liberty and South Dakota.

Did you see this one? According to Dan Filler on the Faculty Lounge South Texas ranks 23rd on the Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report (JD Required, FT, LT Minus Law School Funded). Yes, you read that right-23rd. This puts it above most us news first tier law schools. See Somebody is doing something right.

According to Dan Filler on the Faculty Lounge IU ranks 101st on the Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report (JD Required, FT, LT Minus Law School Funded). This puts it below Wayne State, Texas Southern, Ohio Northern, North Dakota.  See Other surprises on the list are Washington & Lee and Conn.

According to Dan Filler on the Faculty Lounge Washington & Lee  ranks 135th on the Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report (JD Required, FT, LT Minus Law School Funded). This puts it below Faulkner, Touro, Liberty, Regent, and other low ranked law schools.  See Other surprises on the list are IU Maurer and Conn.

Hofstra U School of Law / Hofstra falls 113th in US News
« on: May 12, 2013, 03:25:35 PM »
Hofstra has fallen from 89th to 113th in the 2014 US News & World Report Law School Rankings. Don't be surprised if Hofstra falls further next year as existing students transfer and potential applicants go elsewhere.

The Faculty Lounge has the Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report cleaned of law school funded jobs here  It ranks 201 law schools.

New York Law School / New Skills Courses at NYLS
« on: July 11, 2011, 06:24:15 PM »
From the Wall Street Journal at

"Looking to attract employers' attention, some law schools are throwing out decades of tradition by replacing textbook courses with classes that teach more practical skills."

"New York Law School hired 15 new faculty members over the past two years, many directly from the ranks of working lawyers, to teach skills in negotiation, counseling and fact investigation. The school says it normally hires one or two new faculty a year, and usually those focused on legal research."

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