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Online Law Schools / Re: Distance Learning
« on: October 08, 2013, 06:20:28 PM »
I have a plan in place, I may check back in next year and post the status.  California will allow foreign attorneys sit for the bar exam but you have to be liscensed somewhere it can be civil or common law country. If you are not licensed then you have to complete First Year of a US law program or enroll in a 1 yr US LLM program in American Legal Studies or US Legal Studies, name of program various on law program but it must cover US Law and Califorina Professional Responsibility course.  Best of luck to you.

Online Law Schools / Re: Distance Learning
« on: October 07, 2013, 07:59:54 PM »
I'm a non EU resident, I'm in the distance learning program.  I live in the US.  The school is great not just law program but very innovative school.  I use to my own sport agency and I sent a couple US athletes to their National team plus I'm interested in law.  The University owns a men and women professional basketball team, and one of my former clients now lives in the UK and is getting a masters degree there.  Anyway, I guess there are no current distant learning students on this site.   I was curious to know how folks from other distant learning programs were doing/ progressing in their programs.

Online Law Schools / Re: Distance Learning
« on: October 02, 2013, 07:00:49 PM »
Northumbria Law School cost me 1200 GBP Year 1, 920 GBP Year 2, and 950 GBP Year 3.   Year 1 is your biggest expense, from there  your tuition drops for the remaining years, you only paying a continuing student fee and assessment fee.  This fee went up slightly this year from 920 to 950 GBP.   The total program cost me 3,070 GBP so its close to 5k or slightly under 5K.   

Online Law Schools / Distance Learning
« on: September 30, 2013, 07:50:16 PM »
Curious to know how folks are progressing with their distance learning studies.  I came on this site 2 yrs ago, read all the pros and cons but in the end made my own decision.  I'm in my 3rd and final year of law school in the UK.  I don't regret it, I received an excellent education thus far for less than 5K.

I respect your answer, I rather hear that from you because  I knew that's how you felt the whole time but it's more personal thing to you, but it's Ok.  I did my homework and I am proceeding,whether it makes sense to you or not, whether you like it or not the system currently works.

You tell half truths all throughout these boards.  Get over it, you can sit for the bar in California, you go around on this board like you are an authority on the various rules which you are not. LMAO. People check the bar examiners for yourself, ask the correct questions as it relates to foreign law schools.

@ Financialtaxguy -  California Bar Examiners makes no distinction between an online LLB or ground LLB.  I spoke to the Bar Examiners, spoke to the actual person who wrote the rules to the link you provided and I got the 411 from the persons mouth.  I asked all the tough questions that I recieved from this board, the examiner laughed how folks try to interpret the rules and tell them what it suppose to be.  The examiner who wrote the rules was very helpful and broke the rules down for me and even walked me through the process online. 

Also, I personally know someone that graduated from Florida Coastal online LLM in October 2012, they are taking the California Bar in February 2013, their law degree is in civil law.    Also, their are a couple online LLM Programs in American Legal Studies online that gear their curriculum to meet the California Bar Requirements.  Some of the schools are FCSL, Regent, Washington University at St. Louis, and John F. Kennedy.   I have written communication and verbal communication on the first 3 law schools, you dont have to be a lawyer to be accepted in their program, a qualifying LLB will be just fine.

Well I plan to take the QLTS but that's further down the road.  I have 1 more year of my LLB program and then LLM, then bar exam.  I'm enjoying this journey of road less traveled by.  I have 3 degrees from very good schools and I make a six figure income and my career is still on the up rise and it wasn't the name of the schools I went to that got me where I am, it was my hard work, drive, and perseverance.   I have a lot of  close college friends that are lawyers most have their own practice and surprisingly they are very supportive.  I'll probably just use my legal education to enhance my career or go into immigration law.

The experience requirement removed for the new QLTS versus the QLTT  which required 2 years of experience.  The QLTS replaced the QLTT.  Appears this went into effect September 2010.

Additional info on the removal of the experience requirement on the QLTS

If I recall from your previous posts you have a distance learning  law degree from the US.  Why are you so concerned about the foreign route and if someone would be able to pass the bar.  Just curious, you spend a lot of energy debating and countering the topic.  I would expect this from an ABA traditional law graduate but from a person who got a distance learning legal education it is really humorous to have this thing for online foreign legal education,  I have 1 semester at a ABA law school that I attended a long time ago and withdrew in good standings due to personal reasons.  So I am familiar with brick and mortar and distance learning process.

You really expose yourself to being a hater. Are you that upset that the online LLB with ABA LLM may have a few more benefits than a distance learning US degree.  Based on your comments there is something bothering you with the foreign option and if so that is fine just say so, that would be more respectable than just trying to slam it for someone that is interested because it can be done.

As far as knowing someone, yes I've spoken to them but most people who got a degree from XXY school overseas dont go around and saying I got it online or external.  They just say they went  XYZ school. 

I will wait for your negative comment LMAO!

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