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The California bar examiners said don't get caught up in the rules, that yes, the rules doesnt mention distance learning LLB.  They said you have to prove that your foreign law degree is a first law degree period.  Below is the evaluation form that needs to be filled out.

I contacted the California Bar Examiners, they indicated that you need to prove through one of the evaluation services that you have obtain a first law degree from a foreign country.  I asked if a distance learning LLB degree would qualify.  They said that all you need is a first law degree, plus take a ABA LLM or a state accredited LLM that has the required California courses.

I  disagree, the online LLB plus the online LLM in American Legal Studies will work in California as of today. Yes, they are people that have taken the distance learning route in foreign law school plus a LLM from a ABA school that are lawyers.  Just as there are some that have read the law, they just not all out in the open on the internet with their info but they are plenty that are out there. 

LOL!  I can always count on you lol Yes, thats what the news article says, but I'm sure their application will say LLB or first law degree.  Articles on FCSL say the same thing but the actual application and all the other LLM schools in US / American Legal studies only require LLB degree except for John Marshall in Atlanta.  There currently is no info on the exact requirements on their web-site regarding the online LLM program without registering on their site.

ABA Journal article published in 2012 - short article on Online University of Washington LLM program in American Legal studies.  The Online LLM program is set to launch in 2013.  Newspaper article says Online LLM program will probably allow graduates to take California bar.  Online Program doesn't launch till 2013,

The one from Sweden is not liscense attorney, we can go on and on, on this, so this will be my last message..  I provided the actually document from the California Bar, it's no info from some condensed bar requirement guide, its is straight from the source with contact info.

Also there is another school, University of Washington, they have an online LLM in American Legal system, they dont make claim on their web-site but in a recent article, they did say their online LLM degree would probably meet the requirements for the California bar.  So, there is JFK, FCSL, University of Washington all have indicated that their online LLM degree would meet the California requirements.  Also, Regent doesn't make any claims, but if you look at their curriculum, the California Responsibility course is offered, why would a Virginia Law School be offering a California course unless their program would meet the requirement.

You indicated that you got your JD online, you should be happy that there are other avenues for people to achieve their goals but I digress.  If my option doesn't work, I'm fine with it but I'm still proceeding as plan.

I have a good career and I don't have any intentions of leaving it.  My career is still on the up rise, so, this is my best route, and the most cost effective, all I would be out of 20k (LLB/LLM combined) and the possibly to enhance my corporate career to VP / SR. VP level not that I need it with 2 master degrees from very good brick and motar schools and great experience. Best of luck to you.

The rules are for people with foreign law degrees.  In Europe there is no JD degree only a LLB and it is common law based.   I have a friend that's studying for the Cali bar as we speak and their law degree is from Sweden which is civil law based and they have an online LLM and yes, you have to register as a law student with the Cali bar examiner, once you start the LLM program or Cali program.

The below info is part of the Cali Bar rules, and based on the below rules the distance learning LLB would meet these requirements.  The LLB is a qualifying law degree in Europe no matter if you got it on ground or distance learning.

(B) Obtain from a credential evaluation service approved by the
Committee a certificate that the applicant’s first degree in law meets
the educational requirements for admission to practice law in the
foreign state or country in which it was obtained

Below is the most current  and accurate information for those who have a foreign law degree.  This comes straight from the California bar examiners.

John F. Kennedy, Florida Coastal, and Regent all gear their online LLM program in American Legal Studies for the California bar.  Look at their course curriculum, they all have the same courses and all 3 programs offer California Professional Responsibility course and 2 of the schools are not even located in California.  FCSL and JFK both have on their web-site that students that complete their online LLM in American Legal Studies are eligible to sit for the California Bar.  Regent doesn't make this claim but if you look at their online curriculum the California Professional course is there, so  a Virginia Law School has a California course in their curriculum.  There are other states like Wisconsin that will let a person sit with an LLM in American Legal Studies but it has to be completed on ground in a classroom setting.   New York it has to be on ground plus your LLB needs to be on ground as well. 

However, California has always been liberal, its the home of distance learning and corespondent schools.   JFK is a California Law school and their online LLM program in United States Legal studies, a non ABA school meets the requirements for LLB graduates to take the bar in California.

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