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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FSU v. FIU v. Ave Maria
« on: July 25, 2014, 05:45:13 AM »
OP has a full scholarship already at Ave Maria.

I misspoke, Citylaw is right... FIU and FSU both have about the same cost of attendance (assuming no or similar scholarships at both). They are each about $40k per year (20k for tuition and 20k for living).

assuming you are paying for your cost of living at all three places, you would save about $40k by staying at Ave Maria. That is not an insignificant number, but you need to figure out if FSU and FIU's benefits are worth it.

I agree with Citylaw, you shouldn't base your decision here solely on ranking. I mean, if everything was equal financially and you were going into this as a 1L and you could care less where you worked after and you had similarly strong vibes about each school, you could then use ranking as a good tie breaker. The reality is you would probably have a little easier time finding work coming out of FSU than Ave Maria in a general sense. However, those aren't your circumstances. I would transfer, again, if you have a strong desire to work in another schools specific region. If you want to work in Portland, however, each of these schools are going to be equally good and equally bad at helping you get a job there, so I would say go to the cheapest.

I guess what I'm saying is, we need more info. :)

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FSU v. FIU v. Ave Maria
« on: July 24, 2014, 03:49:41 PM »
Where do you want to practice and in what capacity?

If you are planning to have your own practice in Naples, then I would just stay at Ave Maria. Anything else and I would recommend strongly considering the transfer.

I personally really like FIU. They have competitive employment prospects and for a fraction of the cost compared to FSU. FIU is also picking up traction. My hunch is they will be in the Top 50 within the next 10 years or so.

If you are dead set to work anywhere in North Florida or even in the South, I would say FSU. If you want to work in South Florida (other than the Naples area), I would say FIU. And if you are not sure of your future but want the best bang for your buck, I would also say FIU.

But those are just my gut reactions to a very general question. You need to think long and hard about your realistic goals and future needs. I would also recommend calling the schools up and speaking to them candidly about whatever your situation is. They may be able to shed light on the decision that we might not be able to.

Current Law Students / Re: Why Go?
« on: July 09, 2014, 08:30:42 AM »

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Thoughts? Where should I go
« on: July 06, 2014, 05:47:03 PM »
Looks like a good list. I would apply to as many schools as possible. I would apply to even more reach schools and safety schools.

Well said Citylaw.

Between the two, FSU since you know you want to work in FL. Why have you narrowed it down to just those two though? I would second what Maintain said, expand your scope to UMiami, UF, and FIU. If you want to work specifically in Miami, strongly consider UMiami and FIU. If you want to live by Ft. Lauderdale, also consider Nova.

Like Maintain said, outside of the top 14 schools, where your law school is located will play a much more significant role in your job search. So, if you know you want to work/live in a specific area, go to a school that feeds into that market. Since you want to live in South Florida, I would recommend applying to all of the T14, Vanderbilt, Emory, and all of the Florida schools. Anything other than those schools would not really help you in your future job search.

Good luck!

Black Law Students / Re: Where is everyone?
« on: June 16, 2014, 05:03:19 PM »
Just saying... my perspective is much more positive...  ;D

Black Law Students / Re: Where is everyone?
« on: June 16, 2014, 01:13:14 PM »
Still around, still posting. But I would like to think the decrease in posts has to due with the vast responses to common questions we have already done....

Also, take a look at Michigan's loan repayment program. One way to look at it is... if you end up snagging a big law job (making in the mid $100k), $75k in the long run isn't a bank breaker. However, if you don't get a big law job, Michigan will basically pay your IBR payments and interest for the first ten years. This could easily ammount to around $50k+. So, in a way, it's like a conditional scholarship (safety net).

From this perspective, Michigan is coming close to vandy's offer if you take lower paying work. And if you take higher paying work, the extra debt is more than manageable. Michigan certainly has more "prestige" in law firms and both are prob. equally significant in Miami. So I would go with Michigan.

But I would really wait out to see what Michigan offers you. Maybe the 75k extra debt (since you are going to get married) is really not worth it.

Anyways, good luck!

No idea... Haha! My gut would say Michigan, but other people may have a different perspective? Are you trying to focus on BigLaw?

Employment prospects are probably a little stronger at Mich than at Vandy. Mich also has a stronger, more collaborative student body and beautiful campus. But the weather is prob horrendous (compared to south florida) and I'm not sure if it's worth the extra 75k... Hopefully Michigan comes back some money to make your decision easier.

GTown has a lot of students. A lot. If you really want to focus on international law, however, they may be a little stronger. I'm not sure how the rep compares for each one of these schools down here in Miami though. Vandy has nice rep in the South, but Miami really isn't the same thing as Atlanta. I know Miami firms send reps to Michigan to recruit, however, I believe they do the same for Michigan as well...

Sorry I can't be of more help... CityLaw or Maintain would be the "go-to" people for a call like this.

Good luck and congrats! You certainly have a good problem to have! I am considering Mich. myself.

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