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Current Law Students / Re: Tier 4 transfer to Cornell??
« on: June 22, 2007, 05:45:43 PM »
hm, 190 views so far and no one else has thoughts/comments/experiences to share on this topic?
Transferring from Cooley won't take you very far. Hope to God for Toledo and apply to MSU as a back up.

I was wondering the same thing. Check out this: There must be more, though.
Thank you, buddy! This is good stuff. See, Louder?? Talk louder! Do you see? AM I not merciful? 

what in god's name could you possibly be 'busy as fck' doing that you cant get recs or write a measly personal statement? this is an extremely important decision. it would be incredibly stupid to turn down a great school for a mediocre one b/c you were too lazy to get some recs.
Don't waste my time with this garbage. I'm busy. Either answer my question or write me a personal statement to the top 14 schools. Maybe if you did some research, you would find that only 12 of the top 14 law schools require a personal statement. If you went further, you may also find that 8 out of these 12 require essentially the same topic to be written about in their personal statement, so all you would have to do is change school/city names. SO, if you are too half assed to figure this *&^% out, you would have ended up writing 14 personal statements for me.

I'm too busy getting high.

What to do.... I am at a law school in the bottom of tier 1, like # 97 and i am in the top 5-10% of my class, I would like to be in OH but I think going to U. michigan which is # 8 I could get a job anywhere.

does anyone know anything about the cities, what is Ann Arbor, Cleveland, or Columbus like? ... I lived near cleveland and hear its okay. how is living in Ann Arbor michigan as a young adult?

Please someone respond... any info would be help full ??? ???
#97 is so bottom of tier 1 that it's actually at the bottom of tier 2.

Is there a website, besides the school's website, that tells you what is needed to transfer. I'm busy as fck, don't feel like getting LORs or writing a personal statement. is anyone aware of any top 30 or so schools that just want your grades and a short personal statement-TOPS.

Akron gets a lot of press for being a "good value." Good bang for your buck is certainly a strong positive.
Yes it does. I am going to go unless my state school comes through for me. Namely GSU.

It is unfair Laurrk, but sadly that is just the way they run it. What angers me is the fact that if I left the state to attend school else where they would consider my state residency lost. So, moving to Indiana for the expressed purpose of education does not grant you residency, however leaving the state for the sole purpose of education cause you to lose your residency. Hardly seems right, but oh well.
That's how I thought the laws were. I was about to ask what would happen if you were a IN resident and then left to attend school, do you lose your residency? You were already on the same track. Their laws are unfair.

Well, now it comes down to a question of money. Either pay 26,000ish/year to go to IU INDY or, at the very most, 24k total at Akron, maybe pay nothing at all. Akron places pretty well. I have their new numbers. They have a 96.1% placement rate after 9 months for the 2005 graduating class. Average salary $58,385. That's good enough for me.

bump this post. I got a full ride to Akron (if maintain a 3.3) and accepted to IU Indy.

I'm not sure about Indiana's residency stance, they are a public school so if I become a resident, I will spend about 50k total on tuition.

I will definitely become an Ohio resident after 12 months so, if I don't get a 3.3, I will spend about 25k on tuition.

Indy went from 65th to 93rd to 77th. Their judge and lawyer/peers ratings on USNEWS are 3.1 and 2.6. Akron is 1.8 in both fields.

Where would you go? I am not sure if you can become an Indiana resident if your sole purpose there is to go to school. Can someone confirm? I will call them Monday and find out but I'd like to know now.

Did anyone else notice that the Katrina footnote was marked as a "2" instead of a "1," as the first footnote is usually marked?  While there are a number of possible explanations for this (such as another footnote on a previous page), it makes me wonder.  And the formatting of the footnote also looks a little weird, placing it in the middle of some other unrelated info about sources, then about non-accredited law schools.  Looks more real than anything else I've seen, but I'll only believe it fully when I see it on the US News site or in hard copy . . . 
Tulane's footnote is 2 and the description is 2. Where's the problem?

case western   IU Indy    Miami   FSU    UF   Akron    Stetson   (if possible)

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