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To upset is not a bad thing, even though I don't see how any comments on here so far would be upsetting to anybody. When I started this thread, I wanted to hear people's views on what they think of interacial relationships/marriages, the thread is still going on that same line. Like I said earlier, I haven't experienced much negative aspect of it, maybe because I was lucky to be very succesful and therefore most people that I came across hold their tonque.  I know some people have and I want people to share their experiences, thoughts and all.


our anniversary is in five days, where we will celebrate 23 years....



Interesting so far. My case is a lot different that most of the black folks here. I was born and raised in Nigeria came to the United States at 16. So my outlook/orientation towards race  relations in this country is derived from studies & televisions. I don't have an issue with two black people saying that they want black children, I have friends that dates  people from different race but will not marry outside their race. Before getting married their were some reservations concerning marrying outside my race, I kept wondering what my family will say. A couple of them expressed their disappointment in my marrying outside our race and uptil this day some still asks me when I'm I going to get married like I'm just playing right now or what. When I decided to get married, my main concern was "I'm gonna have a great life with this woman?", five years and counting and I'm happier each day and more convinced that I made the right decision. I hope she thinks so too.

Black Law Students / Re: How Come...?
« on: March 27, 2006, 06:11:58 PM »
How come we should let those who have a decision between Y and other top programs choose without us saying a word?
How come all the info is available and it will be more interesting to watch them this time next year if they don't choose Y?

How come George Jefferson,if you know something I don't know please do tell?
How come I don't know sh**t about any of the schools other than what their respective websites, USNEWS and Pricentonreview say?
How come I know I'm coming into this whole process real blind when I discovered this site and amount of information available?
How come the only thing I know about Y is that wifey went there for undergrad?
How come the only I know about H is that is across the river from Boston?
How come the only thing I know about NYU and C is the great location?
How come I was so unprepared about this whole process because I never knew I will be sweeping?
How come when I got my first letter it was from BC and a reject and I gave up?
How come most of my other acceptances/missed phone calls took me about 5 weeks to know because I travelled?

Black Law Students / Re: How Come...?
« on: March 27, 2006, 11:12:29 AM »
How come you'd be stupid to choose H over Y?
How come I go to H?

How come why is that RG?
How come I'm yet to hear from Harvard, it's been a month since they called me?
How come I have a good feeling about it though?

How come wifey just want a new experience for grad school because she will be starting grad school also?
How come Thank God we have about 4 months to argue this out?

How come free apartment in NYC for 3 years is the most tempting so far?

Black Law Students / Re: Any Nigerians Out There?
« on: March 27, 2006, 08:14:14 AM »
Just saw the thread , Igbo man checking in, how is everyone doing?

I should note, perhaps, that I've never been in a black/white relationship specifically.

That library incident is screwed, especially since we need more non-caucasian tutors.  I'm sad you and your wife experienced that, Nnamdi.
Yeah it was really sad especially to someone that took my wife's number and said she will be calling to invite us to dinner because we just moved into that town then.

The intercultural issues exists but it is subsidizing as the years go by 5 years so far. We both know that there are  couple of people out there in the family both sides that does not approve and won't come out and say it publicly. But with us is that we were not dependent on anybody for any kind of assistance...actually it is the other around so because of that we know that most of them will hide their true feelings just because of what they think they stand to loose from us if we find out. We both work for ourselves and very successful so far. This incident happened last summer: our local library was looking for volunteer math and science tutors, my wife went there and they were very excited because we both are over qualified and we were willing to give upto 20 hrs a week. Then when I went to meet the volunteer cordinator to bring in some documents that they asked for, you can see the shock on her face when I walked in, she was proably expecting a caucasian male? Well she never called us back and we figured is their loss not ours. We expect it to be tougher in years to come. The issue that bothers me a bit is that people always implicitly attribute our success to my wife, she never even worked until just last summer when she started helping me out in our business. I will like to hear from people that have bi-racial kids and what kind of experiences they have had so far, we plan to start having kids next year.

Black Law Students / Re: How Come...?
« on: March 27, 2006, 07:39:18 AM »
How come having a relaxed grading system will allow you to visit NY whenever you please?
How come unless you have a full ride at CLS, I better see you posting from Y next year?
How come if you ever choose a NY law school, it better be CLS>>>>NYU?
How come I think it would be great to spend time shooting the breeze over a campfire with Alci, JG, Mobell, Annabel, and Blast?

How come my ranking is Harvard(pending)>> CLS >>YALE >>NYU >>Stanford?
How come Harvard is taking too long since November?
How come  Alci, JG, Mobell, Annabel, and Blast are they all at Y?
How come my wife program is one factor that will determine where I go?
How come she is yet to hear from any of the schools?
How come she likes NY city better?
How come she doesn't want to spend another 3 years in New Haven?
How come I hope to convince her?
How come she always gives in?

Black Law Students / Re: How Come...?
« on: March 27, 2006, 07:19:24 AM »

How come you better not even consider living in NYC for at least 3 years?

How come why Goerge?
How come I am highly considering it?
How come I have done it before?
How come if I go to NYU or Columbia I have a place to stay for free?
How come I miss living in the city since we moved to this rural NH?

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