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This is what DElogio states:
"Law schools seem to dislike a person's taking the LSAT three or more times; they tend to discount a good third score, thinking that you just got lucky. In fact, when I asked admissions officers about multiple LSAT scores, several said they take the higher of two, but average three or more.  If you already have two scores, I would recommend that you not take the LSAT again unless you're positive you'll have a substantial improvement."

Any truth to this? Or does it apply only to those who scored pretty much the same both times?

question resolved.

This is a weird request, but I'd like to get my hands on a  few essays that worked for you. I want them because I want to see the tone and style that was generally used and the way thing are usually presented. I have read a few essay in Admission books, but would love to see more. So please pm me them or send to

Hey guys,
When I pre-fill a rec form on LSAC, it asks for a street, but on the "general form" that is available for a print out it asks for a building and room numbers/names. So do I just put the name of the street if I pre-fill the form, or the whole thing?

Law School Admissions / Law School Applcation process is terrifying.
« on: April 24, 2007, 07:09:54 PM »
Well I started my application process for the next cycle. Getting LOR's together, started to think of my PS topic, etc and all of this scares me. The whole process is so long and thorough. I'm thinking of the jobs I can put on my apps that I worked scared that if I put something wrong even if get my JD I'll never practice cause the ABA might find some mismatched info. And then, there is the though that when I finally send in my apps in September I will have to wait for response from schools, the though of which terrifies even more.
Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but this is scary.

Law School Admissions / Prefixes and Suffixes of recommenders.
« on: April 20, 2007, 02:36:23 PM »
Hello guys,
Did you fill out prefix and suffix information for LOR services? I'm asking because I'm not sure if a title of professor equals Dr. I always though that Dr. was lower. Also, one of my recommender is an associate professor, which I think is supposed to be a suffix. I'm asking this because from what I understand an associate professor is higher in ranking that a visiting professor and I'm not sure if it is necessary to show in an LOR form.

Hey guys,
I read in some of the admission guides that it is a good idea to give recommenders some additional info about you, such as your resume and a PS, but is it really such a good idea? To me it seems that a recommender is supposed to give an academic evaluation of your skills and a personal opinion of you through interactions with the recommender. Giving additional info gives me an expression of forcing the recommender to write about stuff he might not have know about you.

I have known the recommenders who are writing my LOR's for over 2 years and I'm taking classes that they are teaching again this semester. I have a feeling that they will be able to write great academic evaluations of me.

I guess, I'm asking whether you really found it helpful for the recommenders to receive extra info on you.

I'm just wondering if my recommender can send both at once. And if she can, should I get her info and post it up on LSAC (I don't have it posted yet) 1st or can I use the general LOR form?

Hey guys,
I'm wondering if any of you know of good books that help with admission related stuff. I have purchased "The Ivey Guide to Admissions" and I find it very helpful.

Also, do those who own several books pertaining to admissions think that they are pretty much the same?

I'm just wondering when is the earliest date I can start sending in my applications.  I wanna send my stuff as early as possible and I know that most schools do not even look at files until late August, but I still want to get my application stuff in as early as possible. SO if anyone knows a specific date or maybe a period when it is okay to send in apps for the 08 cycle, please post here.

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