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I found this school, University of South Africa, several years ago, but was hesitant to try this school because of their bad economy and rumors of riots.  The application I sent them took over one month, and I could not get anyone to correspond with me through email.  They are a common law country, which is what you need to be aware of when taking law courses from other countries, as most of our states will require foreign law study to be from common law countries.

Their tuition is very reasonable, but I didn't want to take a chance at getting a bad experience.  I will really appreciate hearing from anyone who has taken UNISA's LLB program.  Here is their website   

If you had a bad experience at the University of London (External Degree Program) as I did, you may want to explore and research one of their competitors in England, Northumbria University.  Totally distance and online legal education leading to a LLB which is equivalent to our JD.  You will notice in the chart provided by "passaroa25" topic name "Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements," foreign law school graduates are mentioned and can sit for some of the States' bar exams. 

The LLB program costs at Northumbria are very reasonable at 3900 british pounds (approx. $6300) for the entire four years.  Here is the link

Hi Everybody,

Did you all happen to notice that a new distance learning law school has come into existence?  If you go to the link I provided in the other post for online and distance learning law schools registered on the California Bar website or just go straight to this link  you will see that this Cal Bar Registered law school just started in 2011.  Tuition is reasonable (around $3000 per year), about the same as Northwestern California University School of Law where I went and was planning to return after I pass the Baby Bar.  Take a look and tell me what you think about it!

Hi Fellow Distance Law Students in California,

Remember you can sign up for up to three law sections of the California Bar FREE as students.  Think about what legal practice you are interested in and what you may specialize in after you pass the bar.  Personally, I picked Business Law, Trusts and Estates Law, and Taxation Law because of my background in Financial and Estate Planning, and Tax Accounting.

Here is the link: 

Over the four years since starting my online legal education, I have come across some websites that may help you as online law students and future lawyers.  Since you are already in the online mode of thinking and learning, go visit these websites, one gives you tips on jury presentation skills, one has case briefs, one has flashcards, one has recorded Michigan Supreme Court oral arguments, and another has oral arguments at the European Court of Human Rights, FREE:

Trial Tips Newsletter

Case Briefs

Flash Cards and

Michigan Supreme Court Oral Arguments videos

European Court of Human Rights webcasts

Legal Case Alerts by email and many other resources

Misc. Law Subjects 

Christian Legal Society

The Famous writing of Frederic Bastiat "The Law"  free audio

Please share any other free resources you know about to help us continue learning and preparing to become great lawyers!   


To the Curious and Ignorant,

There is a lot of drama posted regarding the legitimacy of certain law schools in California, so here it is straight from their website.  As a current or future lawyer, remember you don't win an argument by inaccurate and misleading statements, so buckle up, and do your research.  Those of you who have been scared off by ignorant comments about online or distance learning law schools, California does have standards for these non-traditional law schools.  Remember, the old common law that most of us study are probably from lawyers and judges who did not attend Harvard or Yale, many of them were non-traditional, but had one very important ingredient - good moral character!

I am a Financial and Tax Adviser by trade, and have been researching law schools for over 15 years now.  If lawyers want to do business with me and my clients, I first usually interview them for their competency, because I don't care what law school they went to or if they passed the bar exam, they must prove to me they know what they are doing, then show good moral character, and that they are not trying to build their cabinets with Wills for future probate or Trusts for future settlement (lawyers know what I'm talking about here i.e. income in the future from probate and settlement fees after their or my client dies).

I chose Northwestern California University School of Law, for the content and price.  I failed the Baby Bar the first attempt but studying now for the second attempt.  I don't appreciate, as a professional with experience working with law, that I have to go through this extra hurdle of the Baby Bar here in CA.  But anyway, at age 51, I will have to see how much I will put up with.  I plan on using the Attorney License to continue in my work in Estate Planning and Contract Law.

For those without a Bachelors degree, please note that you only need 60 credits of college work to start at these online or distance learning law schools listed on Calbar.  So, here it is, the link you need to get started!

Northwestern California School of Law / Good Online School
« on: June 04, 2011, 08:29:46 PM »
I started at NWCU (Northwestern California University School of Law) online in 2007, at age 47.  I am a Financial Adviser and Tax Accountant by trade, and this is what I could afford and had time for.  The study materials and methods are appropriate and of quality.  I did not pass the "Baby Bar" in 2009 and studying for my second attempt now, but as a disenrolled student. 

For those thinking about NWCU, you will be required and encouraged to buy the case books, hornbooks, and outlines that Harvard and other law schools use, so you are not handicapped there.  The handicap is the requirement to take the "Baby Bar" here in California after the first year of law school.  I'm already a professional and familiar with lots of tax law, but yet I have to go through this formality, getting older in the process, in order to start adding Attorney work to my financial planning and tax practice.

One of the helpful study aids that NWCU has is the online lectures and law definitions that can be played on an MP3 player and listened to while working out, jogging, waiting in line, etc...  They are also very reasonably priced online school in California, and legitimately registered with the California Committee of Bar Examiners.  I have researched online and distance law schools for over 15 years and NWCU was the choice I made.

Moral and Ethical Character means more to me than the big name behind the law school.  If you want to do work with me as a Financial Adviser, Estate Planner, Trust and Estate Adviser, and Tax Accountant, I will be looking for those aforementioned qualities, quality of your work, and not where you went to law school!

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