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General Off-Topic Board / Re: No DNA Match for Duke LAX Players
« on: April 11, 2006, 09:35:59 AM »
I'm just saying, most confessions will come from poor/stupid people.  Rich people know not to talk to detectives, even if they are innocent (which seems to be the case with Duke LAX).  If it had been a rich, preppy groups of black athletes, they probably would have acted the same way as the rich, preppy Duke athletes.  However, you don't see that many rich, preppy all-black sports teams. 

Speaking from experience, because I deal with criminal law on a daily basis at a bail bonding company. And the individuals that we bond out of jail get great attorneys without having to be preppy or rich (shocking, i know  :o). Actually a couple months ago there was a well know black athlete accused of raping a white girl (consensual but she was underage, she was charged with something also).  He was represented by one of the top lawyers in the area. 

Many times athelets are treated like royalty-especially if they are the "star" of the team which was this guy's story.  And people want to help them get off, whether it be for the right reasons or not.

I saw this posted in another thread:,2933,191232,00.html

my question is why does the first sentence have to read basically Lacrosse team vs. Stripper.  You don't even know that the woman is a college student until later on in the article. 

General Off-Topic Board / Re: No DNA Match for Duke LAX Players
« on: April 11, 2006, 09:15:44 AM »
I think everyone knew these players behaved badly, whether or not they actually raped the stripper.  I'm not sure you should blame them for being "uncooperative" though.  These were smart kids--they knew not to talk to police and instead just say, "lawyer."  Good for them.  I've heard commentators say how this situation would have been totally different if it had been a black team raping a white girl, and they're right--do you think a bunch of poor black kids would have hired lawyers?  They probably would have ended up in a police station spilling their guts to detectives.   

Why assume that being black= being poor or not educated enough to now how to handle such situations?

General Off-Topic Board / Re: I have hate for these things.
« on: April 11, 2006, 09:09:49 AM »
Going over my cell phone minutes
35 mph speeds- and the people in front of me who won't go over 34 mph in them.
Men who don't even know me and insist on callin me: baby, sugar, shorty, or sweetie.
Men who blow their car horn at me while I am walking outside.
gold teeth
The fact that naps after lunch stopped being a definate part of my day after kindergarten.
People who have lived in the same town all of their lives and think that there is something wrong with every place else.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: No DNA Match for Duke LAX Players
« on: April 11, 2006, 08:25:18 AM »
I haven't been following this case wholeheartedly because the process will probably get me fired up.  But I did read the article that was attched the first lines of it reads:

DURHAM, N.C.  — DNA testing failed to connect any members of the Duke University lacrosse team to the alleged rape of a stripper, attorneys for the athletes said Monday.

Duke University lacrosse team vs. a stripper.  They couldn't put North Carolina Central Student?  While I know it would be naive of me to think that the fact that she is a stripper won't be a focal point to the case- should it be? 

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Strip Clubs.
« on: April 10, 2006, 02:18:14 PM »
yeah, what is it with older women being more into the male strip club thing?  i wonder what's behind that...?

Don't women hit their sexual peak in their 30s? Often times they can't even orgasm until well into their 20s.

yeah, but I still don't see why that would translate into being wildly attracted to something that i currently find laughable/ridiculous/gross.

Did boys have cooties in 1st grade?

no, i was chasing boys in preschool  ;D

I'm sure, however, you got the point. :)

yes, and I was refuting it.   :)

gotta agree with goodgal on this one

ditto, as children we went from playful flirting to now sexual attraction.  In twenty years we aren't (hopefully) now going to jump to panting over a man in a thong swinging over our heads.  i have never thought a man in a thong was attractive...and i have no desire to begin thinking it is.  

Anyways, i am sure there are other ways (and places) for a woman to enjoy her sexual peak - whenever it may occur for her-  than at a strip club

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Strip Clubs.
« on: April 10, 2006, 02:06:08 PM »
yeah, what is it with older women being more into the male strip club thing?  i wonder what's behind that...?

wait til you spen 15-20 yrs withthe same guy and life is so dull you like to watch paint dry.

you might be one of those wild older women too!

Not this chick  ;).

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Strip Clubs.
« on: April 10, 2006, 02:05:25 PM »
My friend in college went to a male revue, she said all she did was laugh the whole time. She didn't find it sexy.

I ended up not going to one of my friend's bachlorette parties, though, because she was having it at a strip club and I think my boyfriend might have been weird about me going.

You didn't miss anything...A good friend of mine is having strippers at her bachelorette party and I told her I would send my money for the food by someone.  She thinks I am being selfish- but so what.  I will NOT sit through something like that agian, even for free.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Strip Clubs.
« on: April 10, 2006, 01:57:54 PM »
While in college a few of my friends and I thought it would be fun to go to a male revue.  It wasn't.  It is exactly how you think it would be- a joke.  We had a good laugh at the women who were going crazy of the men rubbing themselves all in the ladies' faces (much older women I might add).  And a even bigger laugh at the interesting names they gave themselves- we all wondered how they can stay like that for their entire routine ???.  I was more focused on the covercharge for getting in then the men that were there (there goes my eating out money for this week) :(.  

And plus the male strippers are much more interactive with the audience than then female strippers.  They take certain women on stage and flip them upside down and "pretend" to do all kind of freaky stuff to them.  This experience is what made me vote yes, but never agian.  

I have had much better experiences from girls who have went with guy friends to the female strip clubs- and the male viewers probably act much more tame than those women at the club I went to.  Most of the girls who said they went agreed that they tended to get more attention from the girl strippers than the guys they were with- which caused the guys to be more interested in the "show" and tip more heavily.

I knew a girl who was a stripper and she said that the men really aren't supposed to get to touchy.  The male strip clubs obviosly don't have this rule because some of the women were actually PULLING them off the stage and GRABBING them everywhere to do so.  

hmmm, but ive heard the women at those clubs get CRAZY!!!

and the guys let them.

much more than you would normally get away with at a female club...

yeah, i've heard that too. who knows.  anyway i can't imagine being turned on by that and I'm pretty sure most of my friends feel the same way.  we'd all rather go to a regular (girl) strip club.

I am a single parent of a eight year old and have decided- after much debate on my part to take him with me- to let him stay with my parents during the first year of law school.

I know the first year takes A LOT of time outside of the classroom and I don't want to have him with me only to have him spend the whole day watching me study.  He is very active in sports and the church in our home town and he has begged me to let him stay with my parents (who are happy to have him).  My goal is to come home on the weekends and the many breaks throughout the year- school is two hours away. 

I know it will be hard because I am used to being with him and doing so much with him but he is at the age where he understands and I know that moving him would cause him more harm than good especially since third grade is when major testing takes place.

I just hope I don't get too home sick without him...

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