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This email is just in time. I am trying to find a good book to read for the summer ;D

Black Law Students / Re: New Topic
« on: May 30, 2006, 04:40:43 PM »
Since y'all are always talking about NYC, I'm going to share my fav places to eat in ATL:

  • Tapas: Eclipse di Luna, Pura Vida (best flan ever!), Loca Lunas and Fuego
  • Babette's Cafe for European/French
  • Bhojanic for Indian
  • Wolfgang Puck Express is good for quick and easy food
  • Fellini's and La Fonda Latina are great for late nite, decent food.
  • Of course you can't forget Waho and Steak and Shake for the middle of the nite runs
  • Osteria del Figo has great Italian
  • Buford Highway for Asian food.  Also Sampan and Cafe Sampan.
  • Cameli's Gourmet Pizza has the best NY style pizza
  • Burrito Bros for their buritto pescado especial. Also like qdoba.  And I can't forget Willys, that was the place to go at my school!
  • Fast food is also Sonic and Fatburger
  • Rolling Bones for bbq
  • The place by the AUC for Caribbean food
  • Bakeries: Alon's (also great lunch) and Higland Bakery (great bkfst, their sweet potato pancakes are the best!)
  • Flying Biscuit for brunchli]
    • Eatzi's for overpriced 'gourmet' takeout (also Whole Foods)
    • The International Farmer's Mkt for yummy takeout, baked goods and groceries from around the world.  You can find everything there, from plaintains and chayote to Ribena and Bda Ginger Beer.
    That's all for now...
2nd Loca Luna. Also Noche in VA Highlands

I hate The Flying Biscuit. The food isn't that good, IMO.

I love Eatzis, especially their made to order salads. It is pricey though.

Fat Matt's is the BBQ joint. I dunno what this rolling bones place is about.

Paschal's is a classic.

Felini's - went there yesterday

The late night spot is Waffle House. There is no other late night spot.  :D[/list]

Bugaboos has great ribs
C'est Bon has good shrimp étouffée (some of the best I have had outside of Louisiana)
Strip at Atlantic Station has a great assortment of Sushi

I finally saw the movie yesterday and it definately didn't disappoint me.

I was a little surprised that Rogue did take the "cure" and give up her powers-but I guess the story line pointed to it.
Glad Halle came to the forefront- they definately broke from the cartoon but it was still a good movie.

The chess pieces definately looked metal- or could at least be assumed to be.  If you blink at the wrong moment you will miss the move.

My son went and saw over the hedge and he loved it.

Now I'm  waiting for Pirates of the Carribean.

"At Last" by Ella Fitzgerald.  It makes me sound a lot older than I am but I love this song.

Also wouldn't mind hearing "weak" by SWV agian.

I hate that I have lost/damaged so many CDs over the years, luckily most of them can be found on ebay for cheap!

I like Ella but I actually keep hearing that song.  What about "strange fruit" by Ms Billie

Really? I have never heard in on the radio.  Over the last few months I have heard it at a wedding and this young girl did an AMAZING job on the song at the Miss Black Georgia Pageant. 

Ms. Billie :).  Definately that and Summertime are beautiful.

"At Last" by Ella Fitzgerald.  It makes me sound a lot older than I am but I love this song.

Also wouldn't mind hearing "weak" by SWV agian.

I hate that I have lost/damaged so many CDs over the years, luckily most of them can be found on ebay for cheap!

Black Law Students / Re: Oprah's Legends Ball
« on: May 23, 2006, 12:52:59 PM »
tag  :-\

So what'd you guys think of the black and white diamond earrings she gave out?

I thought the earrings were AMAZING!!!  My favorite part of the whole event was the Sunday "service",  hearing all of those beautiful voices singing Gospel music was wonderful.

I definately relized the Whitney omission last night.  She is a legend- but her recent lifestyle would have put a change on the whole event.  No one probably wanted to hold their breath all night waiting to see what kind of scene she was going to make ( I saw about two episodes of that reality TV show with her and Bobby and that would have been enough for me not to invite her).

I really enjoyed the show- I think it is something everyone needs to see.  But it did make me sit and think about myself and what am I supposed to be doing to make a difference.  I mean, I am going to law school to fulfill all of these aspirations for my life I know there is something I am supposed to be doing...

I would really like to get a copy of this for my DVD collection.  I looked on Oprah's webiste but didn't see anything about her selling one.

The title of this thread is utterly ridiculous.  The jerks on the lacrosse team hired a stripper (two, actually), who happened to be a Central student.  Framing the issue as "Duke lacrosse players rape Central student" (even though it's look less and less like that's what happened, but we'll assume it for the sake of argument) would be appropriate if they went over to Central, nabbed some student, and then raped her.  That's not what happened.  They hired a stripper (with a criminal record and who apparently showed up completely inebriated).

Why not frame the issue as "Duke lacrosse players accused of raping ex-con"?  That's just as accurate as referring to her as a "NCCU student", and probably more relevant.

OUCH...I didn't the TITLE of the thread was going to be such a big issue.   

I simply titled the thread in the mind set I was in after reading the current story.  My question centered around whether or not the alleged victim's background plays a role in the layout of the investigation agianst the lacrosse team.  I am sure that anyone who read the title (riduculous or not) knew what it was referring to.  That was its purpose, I am not the reporter and in this instance it was not my intention to find the most news worthy title for beginning the thread.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Help me pick a tattoo
« on: April 13, 2006, 05:15:10 PM »
The design you have chosen does look unique.  My only advice about getting a tattoo (I have two that I got a couple of years ago while in college-won't be getting anymore) is to get them in places that can be concealed if the setting calls for it,  i luckily did think about this when I got mine.  I know people who went and got tattoos on their necks- I personally think that is crazy.

Also get something YOU want- which you obviously are doing- and that you won't mind seeing for the rest of your life (barring the fact you get it removed which leaves a scar).  That way when you look at it years later you won't be wondering "what in the world was I thinking". 

Also make sure that you see the tattoo artist's work (on an actual person) before you start letting them write on you.  I have seen people come back with some horrible body art that they had to go to a real professional to get doctored on.

Good Luck

Incoming 1Ls / People going to Mercer fall 2006
« on: April 11, 2006, 04:16:11 PM »
Has anyone decided on going to Mercer University for fall 2006?

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