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Current Law Students / Incoming 1L trying to buy books before classes
« on: March 02, 2006, 02:56:39 PM »
I am new to the law school professors typically give their book lists to the bookstores in enough time to order books from  I could never use to buy books in undergrad but I have fallen in love with this method of buying books while working on my Masters..

Incoming 1Ls / Crunch time...
« on: July 25, 2006, 12:22:10 PM »
I now have 15 work hours left, I move this weekend and I will be starting my orientation in TWO WEEKS!!

I thought I had so much time left.  I can't believe that the time has went so quickly and I am rushing to get everything in order.

Anyone else getting close to the wire??

Incoming 1Ls / Re: The "I Just Resigned" Thread
« on: July 20, 2006, 02:50:03 PM »
Even though my boss has known I was going to law school since February- I turned in my official resignation today!!   ;D

Black Law Students / Re: Relationship Dealbreakers
« on: May 31, 2006, 09:32:31 AM »
ok, what if it was one of those incurrable std's?

would THAT be a deal breaker?

im thinking yes...

Incurable STD is a definite dealbreaker.  I am not trying to deal with something for the rest of my life, and as CN mentioned, condoms are not foolproof.

On a related note, I was watching a Law & Order episode last nite about black men on the dl.   There were a group of black men (some married with kids) who had a weekly poker nite and one of them would take the bedroom each week.  They don't bring protection because that would be admitting their intent.  As one of the guys said "I'm not gay, I have relationships with women and sex with men". One of the black guys had sex with a fellow DA (he was white) who fell in love with him and wanted him to leave his wife and kids.  The black DA kills the other DA to prevent exposure.  Turns out they both have AIDS and the black guy has passed it to his wife. Has anyone seen this episode? Any thoughts?

Yes- it was a good episode.  They aired it when the DL lifestyle came out in the media with the book.

Black Law Students / Re: Relationship Dealbreakers
« on: May 31, 2006, 03:45:09 AM »

My boyfriend would want to be "bothered."  If you love someone, doing what it takes to be with them isn't considered a bother.
That said, I don't care to be with someone who doesn't care to be with someone with kids.  So, I won't be out there trying to convert anyone.

I agree.  I am a single mother and I don't have ANY drama with my son's father.  I actually have never dated anyone with a child but I definately couldn't handle anyone who is in battle with their child's mother-because I have seen some CRAZY things happening.

However, being a mother is part of who I am and I don't hide that fact.  I would much rather have a guy know up front that they can handle or not handle dating a woman with a child and decide not to be with me because of that (even though I have never ran into this problem) instead of misleading both themselves and me.  It is not offending to tell a man/woman that you can't be with them because they have kids.

Of course as a mother I also don't introduce my child to every man who wants to take me out -  that is not fair for my son. 

This email is just in time. I am trying to find a good book to read for the summer ;D

Black Law Students / Re: New Topic
« on: May 30, 2006, 03:40:43 PM »
Since y'all are always talking about NYC, I'm going to share my fav places to eat in ATL:

  • Tapas: Eclipse di Luna, Pura Vida (best flan ever!), Loca Lunas and Fuego
  • Babette's Cafe for European/French
  • Bhojanic for Indian
  • Wolfgang Puck Express is good for quick and easy food
  • Fellini's and La Fonda Latina are great for late nite, decent food.
  • Of course you can't forget Waho and Steak and Shake for the middle of the nite runs
  • Osteria del Figo has great Italian
  • Buford Highway for Asian food.  Also Sampan and Cafe Sampan.
  • Cameli's Gourmet Pizza has the best NY style pizza
  • Burrito Bros for their buritto pescado especial. Also like qdoba.  And I can't forget Willys, that was the place to go at my school!
  • Fast food is also Sonic and Fatburger
  • Rolling Bones for bbq
  • The place by the AUC for Caribbean food
  • Bakeries: Alon's (also great lunch) and Higland Bakery (great bkfst, their sweet potato pancakes are the best!)
  • Flying Biscuit for brunchli]
    • Eatzi's for overpriced 'gourmet' takeout (also Whole Foods)
    • The International Farmer's Mkt for yummy takeout, baked goods and groceries from around the world.  You can find everything there, from plaintains and chayote to Ribena and Bda Ginger Beer.
    That's all for now...
2nd Loca Luna. Also Noche in VA Highlands

I hate The Flying Biscuit. The food isn't that good, IMO.

I love Eatzis, especially their made to order salads. It is pricey though.

Fat Matt's is the BBQ joint. I dunno what this rolling bones place is about.

Paschal's is a classic.

Felini's - went there yesterday

The late night spot is Waffle House. There is no other late night spot.  :D[/list]

Bugaboos has great ribs
C'est Bon has good shrimp étouffée (some of the best I have had outside of Louisiana)
Strip at Atlantic Station has a great assortment of Sushi

I finally saw the movie yesterday and it definately didn't disappoint me.

I was a little surprised that Rogue did take the "cure" and give up her powers-but I guess the story line pointed to it.
Glad Halle came to the forefront- they definately broke from the cartoon but it was still a good movie.

The chess pieces definately looked metal- or could at least be assumed to be.  If you blink at the wrong moment you will miss the move.

My son went and saw over the hedge and he loved it.

Now I'm  waiting for Pirates of the Carribean.

"At Last" by Ella Fitzgerald.  It makes me sound a lot older than I am but I love this song.

Also wouldn't mind hearing "weak" by SWV agian.

I hate that I have lost/damaged so many CDs over the years, luckily most of them can be found on ebay for cheap!

I like Ella but I actually keep hearing that song.  What about "strange fruit" by Ms Billie

Really? I have never heard in on the radio.  Over the last few months I have heard it at a wedding and this young girl did an AMAZING job on the song at the Miss Black Georgia Pageant. 

Ms. Billie :).  Definately that and Summertime are beautiful.

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