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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: In at WNEC!
« on: April 09, 2006, 05:05:29 PM »
If the rep is "horrible," why'd you apply, esp w/ your stats?!?  I say you and the LSN profile is total flame.

It was a safety. And since I work in Springfield, it might have made sense to go to WNEC as a night student if I hadn't gotten in anywhere else. Also my ex went there (he graduates next month), so if he had gotten a job in the area I was considering WNEC. You should be happy to hear that we recently broke up, so I can go to school wherever I want and not consider him.

If you go to WNEC, good luck. There are some students who do get jobs with the top Hartford firms. My ex has had a hard time coming from WNEC, though, and I thought I would pass that information along to anyone who will be getting into debt to finance their legal education.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Syracuse $$$$ Question
« on: April 09, 2006, 02:05:55 PM »
hey everyone! I went to the admitted students day this past weekend and was quite impressed; it seems like a really nice atmosphere and I can definitely see myself there.

I'm curious, what did you like about the visit? People, facilities, etc.? I didn't go to an official admitted students day (can't get the time off from work), so I am wondering what it involved.

What do you guys thing about asking for an extension for the deposit deadline? Do people do this??

No idea if this is done or not. All I do know is that I got two not so friendly e-mails from Case and UCONN reminding me of their deadlines. It sucks that Syracuse requires so much money, though - $400 is a lot to throw down the drain if you're not sure about attending. It's minimal in the overall scheme of things considering how much law school will cost, though.

Good luck with Villanova if that's where you really want to go. Keep us posted. :)

All I can say is going to any law school has to be better than working in a women's underwear department like I am doing now for extra $$.

I process address changes and update social security numbers for an insurance company. So I figure that any law job I get after graduation will give me more money and a better quality of life than what I have now.

Yes, the success stories are more frequent (sometimes a LOT more frequent) the higher up you go in the USNWR. But, no one can stop you from being the anomaly at a lower ranked school. You gotta have a dream.


So Laurrk sounds like you and the bfriend are officially over. sucks.

Well, officially we are separated (which is strange, since we still live together, and we're still doing our weekly grocery store thing tomorrow). But I think it's the end. I'm just having a hard time accepting that. But I'll be moving in a few months, and he got a clerkship in CT, so that may be the end for good (even if we have to be civil to each other now since we share a lease). Oh well.

My current house just went on the market - I am hoping to sell it by early June.  That would give me about a month to screw around and a month to settle in.  I may even have an offer this week (according to my realtor), if that is the case I may quit my job early and screw around for SEVERAL months.

That's awesome, I hope the offer comes through for you! I say leave your job as soon as is feasible and take an extended vacation. I figure that it's totally justified to leave work earlier than later since you're going to be busting your butt in law school for three years. At least that's what I'm telling myself. It's the last (extended) summer vacation you may get for a long time, so enjoy it.

Have you visited Case? I went out there last month and took a tour and drove around, checked out the greater Cleveland area. I really like the Cleveland suburbs, but I'm not a city kind of gal so I decided not to go to Case. The campus definitely has an urban feel to it, at least that's how it seemed to me. Not super-urban like Cleveland-Marshall, but you're still in a city. Of course if you like cities then it's probably perfect for you - there is so much to do right around the campus. And it's a great school. I don't know much about the other schools you're thinking about.

If you're not ready, postpone it. And study, study, study.

I highly recommend the getting out of state option.  I left Chicago (and a ten-year on-and-off thing) for Texas, sulked for a year, then got together with my now-husband.  Go west, young (wo)man!  Or east, as the case may be.  Loneliness can be empowering.

I think a move will be good for you. You can meet new people and be in a place where you don't have memories of time spent with your ex. And you have some great options, so it's Colorado's loss, not yours. :)

hopefully buy a little condo and get settled before school starts.

When are you planning on moving? I'm going to be leaving my job at the end of June so I have time to settle in and learn my way around Syracuse. And now that my BF is history, I am very glad that I chose Syracuse over somewhere in the CT/MA area where I've lived during our relationship. I think a new place will do wonders.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: What is your LQ?
« on: April 08, 2006, 08:17:05 PM »

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: lots of $$$ vs lots of debt
« on: April 08, 2006, 08:10:47 PM »
BUT I have about 45k in debt from undergrad, and graduating with 200k total debt just seems crazy when there are cheaper alternatives available.

Depends. Do you want to do BigLaw? Making $125,000 a year it wouldn't take too long to pay off the debt. But if you don't know what you want to do, then I would probably go with ND or W&L. Since you're a liberal atheist, I'd probably go with W&L.

Then again, I am hugely debt-averse after dealing with some credit card debt. I felt strangled every month when the bill came and I had to put 25% of my take home pay towards the credit card. I also want to own a home someday, so I'd rather not have loads of debt. I used to babysit for one of my old professors, and I know that he and his wife (MPA/PhD and JD, respectively) hated still having the school debt when they wanted to upgrade to a bigger house for their growing family. At least that was my impression of their situation, they didn't say in so many words.

Of course if you really love Emory, and you know you wouldn't be happy at either ND or W&L, that makes it harder.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: How Well Did You Guess Your Decision?
« on: April 08, 2006, 06:02:21 PM »
There were my guesses:

BU - rejected
UCONN - rejected
Case - accepted
Syracuse - accepted
Cleveland-Marshall - accepted
Quinnipiac - accepted
WNEC - accepted

And this is what really happened:

BU - waitlisted
UCONN - accepted
Case - accepted
Syracuse - accepted
Cleveland-Marshall - accepted
Quinnipiac - accepted
WNEC - accepted

General Off-Topic Board / Re: What do you smell like right now?
« on: April 08, 2006, 05:44:48 PM »
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue and some shea butter moisturizer

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