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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: IN AT CLEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: April 16, 2006, 06:56:05 AM »
I have never met a person with white skin.  ::) :o Please post pictures.


It took seconds for Gov. Bob Taft to make the UT-MUO merger a reality, but leaders say the effects of combining the two institutions should be beneficial for years to come.

“Toledo has been fortunate to be home to two world-class institutions of higher learning and research,” Taft said. “As they join forces today, this region will benefit from an even more powerful leader for student learning …”

Taft signed House Bill 478 that combines the two institutions in a March 31 ceremony in Doermann Theater. More than 400 people were on hand for the historic moment.

The merger will be effective July 1. It will make the new UT the third largest university in the state in terms of operating budget and one of 17 public universities in the country that has colleges of business, education, engineering, law, medicine and pharmacy.

“This is a historic combination, for this is the first merger of two public educational institutions in Ohio,” said James Tuschman, a member of the Ohio Board of Regents and former chair of the UT board of trustees. “Together these two institutions will increase substantially the return of Ohio higher education investment.”

UT President Dan Johnson said, “For our students and all those we serve, I take great pride in saying that you are the reason we are here today. This ceremony is about your future. It is also about the future of this very special University, the future of our wonderful city of Toledo, and the future of our great state of Ohio.”

“Our success, indeed our survival, is inextricably linked to the city, the region and the state,” said Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, MUO president who will become president of the combined institution.

“Our mission is to improve the human condition,” Jacobs said. “Our mantra will be ‘dedicated to excellence.’”

The merger will create an institution with:

• An enrollment of 23,000 students;

• Research funding approaching $60 million;

• A work force of more than 7,000;

• An economic impact in northwest Ohio of more than $700 million; and

• More than 100,000 alumni.

To watch the ceremony, go to

Yesterday I got an invitation in the mail to apply to Franklin Pierce.  Basically said it's still not too late to apply and they would even waive the app fee. 

What the heck?  Isn't it a little late for this kind of thing?

I got one too.

I just found out that I didn't get a scholarship for pepperdine - so I'm hoping the financial aid office will be able to figure out how I can get enough loans to cover the expenses.  I have bad credit, so I can't take out private loans.  If anyone knows anything about the new Grad Loan (not sure of the exact name) - let me know...  I don't know why I always assumed federal loans would cover law school...  :-\
The new loan is called the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan, it is soo new that most don't include on their award letter. This is a link from Suffolk Fin aid office it will shed some light on the loan.

They should increase the amount that graduate students can take out in Stafford loans. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Free j.d vs. higher rankings
« on: April 03, 2006, 10:16:36 AM »
Look at the supplemental data that US News puts with their rankings (if you haven't shelled out the $14.95, you ought to--there's far better information than the list itself hidden in there).  Pay particular attention salary range and median salary that each school lists for the private sector,(also to the percentage employed in non-legal positions).

Assume you'll be a poor to mediocre student (it's safer to think that way--even if you believe yourself to be somehow superior). If the full ride means you're going to have to accept a significantly lower salary, then it's not worth it, because the higher salary will allow you to pay off your loans AND it will improve your overall job prospects.
Of the schools you've already been accepted to, only Washington and Lee appears to justify turning down the money: their salary range of 60k/110k with an 83k median is better than the 52/90 w/ a 65 median that you'd get at John Marshall (and better than the 42/100 w/60 you'd get at Suffolk).  

Vandy is slightly better than W&L in most areas, so if you get in, I'd say go for it (but only if you're paying full fare for both).  

Would you say the same about SIU full ride vs. Toledo (waiting for my parents to mail the letter)?

Out at Mercer. 

Accepted to Southern Illinois University - $25,000 scholarship

Hi everyone.  I received an acceptance e-mail from Toledo yesterday.  I am so excited.  

I find it interesting that I was rejected from Michigan State, Tulsa, and Memphis.  Oh well.

I will never understand the admission system.

welcome to the board and congrats on toledo!  are you going to toledo? 

I am going to wait until I receive more acceptances.  If I receive any ranked higher....

What are your thoughts about Toledo?

Hi everyone.  I received an acceptance e-mail from Toledo yesterday.  I am so excited.  

I find it interesting that I was rejected from Michigan State, Tulsa, and Memphis.  Oh well.

I will never understand the admission system.

I thought that I would join this site.  I got dinged from Memphis - they did not even review my application.

I got dinged from Tulsa with a "denial of your application certainly should not be interpreted as a conclusion that you have no ability or potential for other professional pursuits."  WTF

Michigan State sent me an application for the LEO program.  If accepted I would join their part-time program.  Any thoughts. 

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