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I agree with the above posters. If you are starting off with a score around 160, then you definately only need self study, don't waste your money on any classes, especially Kaplan.

If I was you, I would take a timed practice test, a real one this time and see what the score is from a real test. You can got to and click on "LSAT" and from there it lets you download a testbooklet with test number #20 in it. That test is really an average LSAT test. It is not particularly difficult and really does not have anything tricky or unusual on it. See what your score it for that test and come back on here and let us know.

Vera :)

Thanks for all the encouragement so far :)

What do you mean specifically, Vera?  I thought the KAPLAN test was a real one.  I took a proctored free examination, fully timed and whatnot.  I'll definitely check out that testbooklet though, I didn't realize they had a free sample you could just download.

Thanks all!

Hi guys,

I've been reading around and it seems that Asian Americans are not considered URM's at top ranked schools.  That being said, I do think that I have reason to include a diversity statement, but I was wondering if it would be OK or even appropriate to mention that I am a Korean adoptee.  Not only that, but I was adopted into a low income household in Arkansas.

Now, Arkansas probably isn't as bad as some places, but there have definitely been some hard times down here.  Honestly, I was the only Asian guy in my entire city, and even though I grew up here people still stare at me every time I walk into a store or a restaurant.  It's more than a little grating.

In any case, I was wondering if this could factor into my admission at all.

Any opinions?

Hi all,

I recently took a KAPLAN free test at my university.  I'd only found out about it the day before, and I've never studied for the LSAT in my life.  I got the results back, and I made a 160.

My friend told me this was a good score, but I haven't done a lot of research on it yet.  Up till now, I've been content on going to a decent, but probably relatively mediocre-in-name school.  He thinks that I can raise this significantly, giving me a chance at a Top 20 school.

What do you guys think?  I know the KAPLAN test is a real LSAT, but do you think it's feasible to think I could raise my score by 7 to 10 points by June or October?  It seems like a lot of points!

I don't have the actual scores for each section with me, but I made an almost perfect in Reading Comprehension (I only missed maybe 3 questions).  My primary downfall was in Logic Games.

Thanks!  (and can anyone recommend any reading on the LSAT?)

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