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         After reading some posts on this board regarding books that help prepare you for law school, I went out and bought Law School Confidential.  I spent the night reading it and it was very informative and helped answer a great deal of questions; however, it was primarily designed with a traditional law student in mind.  Almost every scenario within the book consisted of a 22 year-old recent college graduate with no wife, no kids, etc.  Of course, that is to be expected since by far that is the norm for law students. 
         Naturally, there isnít a book out there that matches the life scenarios of everyone applying to law school.  And I am sure there will not be one identical to the situation I am in; however, I am curious if anybody is aware of any law school preparatory books that are based towards the non-traditional student?


Law School Admissions / Re: William and Mary
« on: June 02, 2004, 11:45:56 AM »
To be honest, I am afraid your friend, whom went to a D.C. school, has no clue about the Hampton Roads (formerly Tidewater) area of Virginia.  In fact, the area is very diverse in culture Ė primarily due to the prominent military forces nearby (which brings people of all cultures in the US together).
Personally, I love Virginia and especially the Williamsburg area.  I think if you are interested in the school, you should visit the school and give them a shot.  Make an effort to form your own opinion.
I promised another poster in a similar thread that I would post pictures about the law school; however, I have yet to make it to the school.  I will try to do that this weekend, perhaps the pictures will be helpful to you as well.


Hampton, VA

20 mins from College of William and Mary
30 mins from Regent University
1 hour from University of Richmond
2 hours from University of Virginia
2.5 hours from DC schools -  Georgetown, George Mason, American, Catholic, Howard, Washington and Lee
3 hours from University of Maryland and University of Balitmore

I feel sympathy for those of you whose families / friends do not believe your choice for law school is a wise move.  However, it is your move and I wish you all the best.
Personally, my family and friends have all been very supportive.  Quite odd to find anybody within the military to be supportive of someone leaving the military; however, my co-workers and friends are very supportive after they began to see the effort put into the life change.  My supervisor even allows me time off of work for school, the ability to work on assignments at work if needed, etc.
Moreover, the most supportive person to my decision has been my wife.  Even after the realization that she was faced with the fact that she would have to support me and our family during our three year law school tour (I will be unemployed during school -- other then the MGIB which pays me $1,000 a month to attend school).


Law School Admissions / Re: College of William and Mary
« on: May 27, 2004, 01:01:56 PM »
     I live approximately 20 minutes from Williamsburg, in the city of Hampton.  William and Mary has an absolutely beautiful campus and the surrounding area is really nice.  Williamsburg really doesn't have that much of a nightlife; however, surrounding cities like Norfolk, Hampton, Virginia Beach, and Portsmouth most certainly do have party scenes.
     As for the comment about going somewhere with more women -- two of the largest military installations in the United States (Langley AFB and Norfolk NAS) are located near-by; subsequently, there is an incredible amount of girls.
     CIA headquarters is in Langley, VA (not to be confused with Langley Air Force Base).  Langley the city is closer to Alexandria; whereas, Langley Air Force Base is located near Williamsburg.
Anyways, I will try to go to the campus this weekend and take some pictures to post to the board.


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