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Southern Methodist / Re: SMU Law Starter Thread
« on: March 06, 2005, 01:19:59 PM »
Just wanted to add this to my "unread." Looks like I will be going to SMU this year. Any apartment suggestions?

I would fix my credit to obtain more student loans so that I didn't have to go to LS part-time and work full-time.

Oh great, now I am getting worried  :-\

I had a deliquent credit card (long story but I paid off a credit card, moved, but didn't cancel the card....had a fraudulent charge added but didnt know, and it went unpaid for three years). The deliquency was taken care of, but I am still in the process of cancelling more cards I didn't even know I had.

Another thing to add to my list of things to do before law school. This is almost starting to feel like a "things I would like to do before I die" kinda list  ;)

Thanks for the responses. I am definitely going to practice my typing skills and will start an intensive workout program so I can have a regular workout schedule once school starts.

Yes, this is yet another prelaw posting/question but I was really curious about what y'all would have done the year or summer before to prepare yourself for law school. Would you try and refine a technical skill like speed typing and speed reading? Were there any things or concepts you wish you already had memorized? Were there times when you thought "Man, I wish I went over this stuff in the summer when I had time instead of wasting time on it now when I have a billion of other things to work on?" I was thinking of going over the Constitution again (haven't really looked at it since PoliSci and figure it would help a lot in Con Law. I know there is a possiblity of burn out before law school and that we should enjoy ourselves before law school, but I only want to spend little time on things that will help in the long term. I know this isn't something y'all like to dwell on here in the current law students thread but any helpful hints or incites would be greatly appreciated (especially given y'alls time constraint in law school). 

2 wouldn't really be considered inbreeding.  Most law schools have at least some professors who went to school there.

You are right; I was overestimating the number based on what I observed during an ASD.  It seemed like everyone I met from the staff and faculty had a JD from SMU (I guess they were just trying to show us successful grads) There are still a few associate professors with SMU JDs, and even a couple that have other SMU degrees. 

I stand by my lack of prestige comment for all three (but would love to be proven wrong)...

J.D. or J.D. equivalent:
Texas: 7
Harvard: 4
Yale: 4
Michigan: 3
Georgetown: 3
Columbia: 2
Stanford: 2
SMU: 2
NYU: 1
Virginia: 1
North Western: 1
American: 1

Post JD Degrees:
Oxford: 4
Yale: 3
NYU: 3
Columbia: 3
Harvard: 1
Texas: 1

PhDs: 3

47 full professors.

You're right. An inbred and unprestigious faculty. sh*t. Come to think of it, my Civ Pro professor wrote part of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure; thatís like a double whammy Ďcause he is teaching kids his own rules! And all the adjunct professors do is bring in real world experience! They donít even bring in a fancy pants name!

God, SMU is a TTT. I think I'm going to drop out and be a guy that sells flowers on the street corner. Obviously heís more prestigious.

Edit/Add: Troll.

You should have told me you have Dorsaneo...I would have warned you about how he tests on interlocutory appeal even though he only spent 10 seconds in class talking about it.

Different things for different schools. Some schools absolutely hate it when applicants call their offices AT ALL with questions or additional info. Other schools will bump up a student when they receive contact from them as it shows them that you are interested and would accept an offer to attend. Just check out the board on success stories and try and determine where your prospective school lies.

Where is the board on success stories? I must be just missing it


I have been on this board for 3 years and have seen a number of success stories in the past - mainly involving WLs in the latter months of summer. You can probably do a search of old threads in the "Waitlist" section of LSD for more info. Again, this will probably be school-specific strategies.

Well I started my application process for the next cycle. Getting LOR's together, started to think of my PS topic, etc and all of this scares me. The whole process is so long and thorough. I'm thinking of the jobs I can put on my apps that I worked scared that if I put something wrong even if get my JD I'll never practice cause the ABA might find some mismatched info. And then, there is the though that when I finally send in my apps in September I will have to wait for response from schools, the though of which terrifies even more.
Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but this is scary.

Well not trying to add more to the "anxiety fire" but it gets worse after you get in. There will be the worrying about your first semester: Did I study enough? Do I know how to take a law school exam? What are other students doing?

Then you wait for your exam grades which can come as late as in Feb or March. Then there is the 1L summer waiting game: Will I get an interview? Will I have something to do during the summer?

Then comes the law review write-on/grade-on and moot court/mock trial tryouts: Will I grade-on? Were my grades high enough to even qualify for a journal? Will I write on? Was my brief OK to get on a team?

Then you will wait for your Spring 1L grades.

Then comes Fall of your 2L year: Will I get an OCI interview? Will I get a callback? Will other firms hire me? How many reception dinners do I have to attend?

Then comes the Law Review and the court competition waiting games: Will my comment/case note get published? Did I place? Did I advance? Will I get kicked off the team?

Then you wait for your 2L grades.

Then you wait for feedback from your 2L summer: Did the partners like my memo? Will I get a job offer? Could they tell I was drunk that one night? Does throw-up easily come off silk?

Then it is the 3L year: Did I get a job offer? Do I need to interview for more firms? Will I get a job period? Did I get a clerkship? Did I take enough classes to graduate? Am I ready for the Bar Exam? Did I complete the long ass Bar application properly? Did I have decent 3L grades?

Then there are partnership questions, having a family question, did you cost your client millions of dollars for putting the term "and" rather than "or" in the contract questions, did I get my client executed questions, whether it is time for suicide questions, etc....

Yup, you have a lot of waiting and hard applications to face you in the future. Yeah applying to law school sucks, but it could be worse  ;)

Different things for different schools. Some schools absolutely hate it when applicants call their offices AT ALL with questions or additional info. Other schools will bump up a student when they receive contact from them as it shows them that you are interested and would accept an offer to attend. Just check out the board on success stories and try and determine where your prospective school lies.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: SMU 2010 Starter Thread
« on: April 20, 2007, 09:41:17 PM »
anyone have any suggestions for a decent 1-bedroom close to smu where i could fit a pool table?

Assuming you are looking for a place that an average SMU student can afford, the lofts and condos at Hotel Palomar are sizable. It is attached to a hotel so you have basic services like dry cleaning, restaurants, fitness center, and room service. Valet is still slow, but you can always self-park if you must. It is only located .5 miles away from campus so you can roll out of bed and still have time to hit up the crepe station for breakfast just before class. Here is the link to some model places for your review: ($400K-$1.6M range).

Now if you want to have a nicer place, you might have to settle for the W Hotel: ($600K-$4M range). Or you can wait until the Ritz-Carlton gets built: ($700K-$7M range). If you are on the poor side of SMU students or prefer living the bohemian lifestyle, there are a few places in the $250K-$350K range: Most students will look beyond that if that is all you can afford, but if you come to school driving something that isn't better than a BMW 3-series, you will definitely become the black sheep of the law school and I will pity you.... :o

Sorry couldn't help all seriousness, most students live in the Village apartments and are in the $300-$900/month range. I'm sure you can fit a pool table in one of those apartments - no guarantee you will have enough room to actually play with it. ;) 

Incoming 1Ls / Re: SMU 2010 Starter Thread
« on: April 18, 2007, 10:28:28 PM »
I will be working at a firm for the first half of the summer. I'm still looking for a second half job.

Did you find this job through SMU? How are your classmates doing with this summer jobs?

I found the job on my own - sent out a blind letter and resume to the firm. I think there are still people struggling, but not too sure. People don't really talk about their summer plans - those that got jobs don't want to be viewed as braggarts and those that are still looking don't want to be viewed as stupid.  I still feel worried about the second half and employment prospects after I graduate, I am focusing on finals and will worry about jobs during the summer. What are you deciding on? 

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