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Its funny that Kerry bitches about the outsourcing that is going on because of Bush and yet the majority of production at Heinz is done overseas. He is extremely two-faced. Did you hear that his entire platoon in Vietnam are going to hold interviews to talk about how he was a chickensh** during the war and that one of his purple hearts was due to a self-inflicted wound when he threw a gernade and it bounced back? I think the DNC needed a different song playing in the background....."Will the real John Kerry please stand up?"

Wait List / Re: GW--Again
« on: August 01, 2004, 04:02:13 PM »
I didn't apply to GW but I was talking to the Dean of Admissions at GMU and she told me that they would "release" the waitlist. Don't mean to be a downer to anyone, but I hope the info helps someone out.

Wait List / Re: GMU's self imposed deadline
« on: July 28, 2004, 01:01:12 PM »
Someone else posted a WL rejection off of LSN:

I guess I dont feel too bad since I have lower stats and I am still on the waitlist though.  ::)

Law School Applications / A DC government position
« on: July 28, 2004, 12:49:56 PM »
I know that there is a large number of people on this board that has worked for some kind of government entity in the DC area. I do not think I will be getting off a waitlist and cannot find a job for the life of me (I have a really good GPA and more honors than my resume can hold). I know that 90% of the time, students have a connection that got them the job (believe me, I talked to a couple of white house interns this summer and all of them started with "well my dad knows...."). How do you get a staff position at one of these places. I would prefer the senate, congress, or whitehouse but right now I am not being picky. My biggest obstacle is the fact that I am in Texas, but if i had a good chance at landing a job, I would start moving now. I know that a much of interns are starting to leave for school but wasnt sure if anyone needs a staff person to fill their place. Also, is there another position avaliable besides staff positions for a college graduate? I am looking for a staff position because i need to get paid (or at least a stipend for living expenses). If anyone has any suggestions or know of someone looking, please respond. I did the traditional thing by applying via the Net, but I know I will be a single person among the masses. I know I can get killer LORs and have a strong resume, but I just need that one foot in the door, so to speak. Any suggestions would be appreciated (as well as any other job or activity I can do for one year before I reapply for law school; law schools want "something special," but I am from a small town in the middle of west texas so my options are limited, well accept for the 4H club).

Wait List / Re: GMU's self imposed deadline
« on: July 28, 2004, 12:37:00 PM »
Well I called GMU and they did send my letter to my old address. The lady was nice enough to tell me that it was a waitlist letter so I guess I am not totally out of the game yet. My parents have been sensing my frustration and told me that they WILL get me to DC from Texas at the last minute if need be so I am thankful for that. I already talked to my boss and he said its cool if I have to leave without much notice as well. I am just wondering if I should send an email telling GMU that I have an exit strategy to get to GMU at a moments notice and not waste their admit ratio. They made like 30 offers for around 20 seats so I am hoping most of the other students were already settled at a different law school. Oh well, after waiting 8 months for a decision what's 2 more weeks, right?

Wait List / Re: GMU's self imposed deadline
« on: July 24, 2004, 03:32:09 PM »
Apparently there are now only 20 people left on GMU's waitlist as of now. From my understanding, letters were sent out throughout the week to tell or rejects or acceptances. I have no idea if letters were sent out to those who are still stuck on the waitlist but I bet that will happen later on this next week. Though I try not to be overtly pessimistic, I am betting that my letter will be a rejection. GMU sent me a waitlist postcard to my college address and I have a feeling it is being sent there right now so I am going to have to wait for the inevitable. Has anyone here received ANY correspondence from GMU since the last deadline? It appears that there are several of waitlisted students from GMU on this website, but I havent seen any updates. I am on another waitlist but I know its a longshot. If I do get that rejection letter, I will need to get moving and try to find a respectable job in the interm, take an LSAT prepcourse, and retake that LSAT for next year. Good luck to those on the GMU or another waitlist....its been hell.

Another public school with a good IP program is GMU. It also has technological clinic as part of the program. As far as I know, it has no in-state vs. out-of-state policy.

Schools usually wont disclose the percentage of students who apply from out-of-state vs. in-state online or any brochure. If I were you, I would make a list of a few public (or even private for that matter) schools and start calling them at the end of the month or later. This will be the best time to call and ask questions because they arent going to be flooded with phone calls from the applicants (some still have waitlists active but i think its toning down). I would think that they would disclose that info freely. Additionally, I would really focus on public schools in states where you can prove you have a vested interest. You can prove MA since your from there but if you have a specific interest in an area of law that is either specific for that state or law school, i think you have a greater chance of getting in. Like if you wanted to practice environmental law, you could apply to UWash and explain that interest.  

Wait List / Re: GMU's self imposed deadline
« on: July 20, 2004, 08:49:39 PM »
Well someone of LSN finally updated their stats regarding their waitlist at GMU:

It is a reject so it looks as though they are moving fast with the waitlist (both acceptances and rejections).

Yeah UTexas is a BIG reach. Less than 20% of the students are out-of-staters. There is a Texas law that restricts the number of out-of-state students into public Texas schools and Texas is one of the strictest state regarding the residency process.UVA is also up there. Just check out the stats of each state school you are interested in...there will be something on the website regarding its residency policies and will give you LSAT and GPA scores for instate vs. outofstate students.

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