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Law School Admissions / What the Heck does R13 mean on LSAC?!?
« on: December 27, 2004, 09:37:06 PM »
On the "Law School Reports" page in my section personal section of LSAC which lists all the schools that requested transcripts, I have a green button with the word "INFO" and "R13" in the Status column. What does this mean? The code says I should contact LSAC but I wanted to know if anyone else had this problem.

Law School Admissions / CRAP!
« on: December 23, 2004, 07:34:28 PM »
I found a typo in my LSAT addendum!  :-[ I wanted to say "needed time to familarize myself with the questions" but used "familar." What sucks is that I did this in all of my applications. I read that stupid statement so many times, and had a few people look at it, but I only noticed it now! Because of my lower LSAT score I am in the position to where a school will be looking for ONE other thing to reject me for....I need a Zanex.  :'(

Choosing the Right Law School / Hoping for Brownie Points at Houston
« on: December 16, 2004, 09:54:51 AM »
Well I emailed UofH about the link not working for the application status page from the mainpage. Hopefully that shows them that I am really interested. My status is still at complete though  :-\. I applied on Nov. 1st so I hope I am still considered an early applicant....anyone else applied on this date?

Choosing the Right Law School / Anyone STILL waiting for GULC EA decision?
« on: December 16, 2004, 09:42:35 AM »
My roommate is getting worried and annoyed about this? She applied the same time I did and I received my rejection last week. She was on the priority waitlist last year and lives in DC. I read that some people didn't get their application done correctly by LSACD and that they went to regular decision but she did hers through the GULC website and it states early decision. Anyone out there still waiting?

Law School Admissions / Defining a target school
« on: December 08, 2004, 05:33:10 PM »
I know that Chiashu is not the end all in determining the chances of admission, but should I consider a school with an 86% chance of admission as a target or reach?

Choosing the Right Law School / Please Critique my Application Assessment
« on: December 07, 2004, 06:03:20 PM »
I really need opinions on if I defined the law schools I am applying to properly. I have a 3.76 GPA and a 150/158 LSAT. I've also received two "impressive" comments regarding my resume from to Dean of Admissions and I have a "memorable" PS per my friends and the people I have sent out my PS to on this board. Well here goes the list:

Willamette --> LSAT=154

SMU --> LSAT=154, calling it a target because I was WL last year with a 150
Lewis & Clark --> LSAT=154
Houston --> LSAT=158
Oregon --> LSAT=158

Baylor --> LSAT=154, my undergrad
GMU --> LSAT=154, applied again because I was WL till the very end
GW PT --> LSAT=154 (maybe a 158 if they like my reasons)
GULC PT --> LSAT=158
Minnesota --> LSAT=158
Illinois --> LSAT=158
UT-Austin --> LSAT=154, TX resident and was deferred with a 150 last year

Basically I applied to these reaches based on past experiences and looked at the ones that favored the higher LSAT score. I want to add one more "target school" to my list. Which one do I have a greater chance at with the following LSAT scores:

USD: 158, Richmond: 154, Pepperdine: 154, Indy: 158, or Tulane: 154

I don't know if I am just being paranoid, but I am getting really frustrated with Willamette. I applied 3 weeks ago and haven't heard anything from them. I guess the big reason why I am annoyed and worried is that it is the only safety school I applied to. I mean, if my SAFETY doesn't want my application, what does that say about my chances overall? I applied last year and was rejected everywhere. I DO NOT want a repeat. Can I consider Willamette a saftey with a 154/3.76? Anyone in this same boat regarding their freakin safety?  >:(

I am not much for gambling but what the hey, I'll play. I am looking at a Tier 1 school to "donate" to and wanted to get an opinion at which I am most likely to get accepted (or rather, have the best chance compared to the other options). I have an LSAT split so some schools I am applying because it takes the higher LSAT and others only take the average. Here is the list:

MY GPA: 3.76
Cornell: LSAT=158 --> Since it takes the higher LSAT
Vandy: LSAT=154 --> Love Nashville and the school
Wake: LSAT=154 --> Another good Southern school
UConn: LSAT=154 --> Lower on the rankings and often overlooked
Emory: LSAT=154 --> See Wake statement above
UMD: LSAT=154 --> Currently reside in DC, may consider the PT program
BYU: LSAT=154 --> Went to a conservative school, maybe get some points for that
Berkeley: LSAT=154 --> Weighs more on the GPA, might be considered an URM as a conservative ;)

Any others I should consider?

Incoming 1Ls / LSD Burn Out?
« on: December 02, 2004, 08:40:31 PM »
It seems like less and less people are posting. Checking out new posts now seems MANAGABLE. Are people leaving, getting fatigued, have all their questions answered? I am guessing it will pick up soon, but the board has taken a nose dive regarding user activity. All the major players only post 10-20 posts a day as opposed to the 50+. On the down side, troll activity has been increasing. I really do think that a person should be registered before they can post, trolling is way to easy when you don't have to re-register a new name. Just my two cents.


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