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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Any updates on LSN?
« on: May 31, 2004, 05:48:28 PM »
Are people still maintaining their profiles on LSN? I've been checking on a few of the schools I am waiting from and there haven't been any updates since April.

Law School Admissions / Who hasn't been accepted anywhere?
« on: May 31, 2004, 05:44:54 PM »
Well I am waitlisted at two schools and doubt I'll be hearing from them anytime soon and wanted to know if any of y'all are in the same situation. I really do want to get into law school and will retake the LSAT, but I wanted to know what everyone else will be doing in the interm. I just graduated so I don't have any job to fall back on and got rehired to work at the cinema in the meantime (it sucks having a degree and no money for a frame to hang it in  :(). It seems that all the "good" jobs have been taken and NO ONE is hiring (I'm upset because the economy is going up and the majority of firms have posted profits and growth yet every job I applied to gave me that catchy phrase.....oh what was it again....oh yeah, "HIRING FREEZE." I'd like to punch the guy that coined that excuse.) Anyways, who else got nothing and what are you going to do? I am living my nightmare: graduated from college with honors and living back at home with the rents....except we don't have a basement.

OK I havent been accepted to any schools but I have been waitlisted at 2 schools. I am currently in Texas and have decided to go to DC and visit my number 1 choice, GMU. I was planning on meeting with the law school and get an idea of my surroundings (look for Apts, decide if i should bring my car, etc). I just dont want to waste my money and bring my hopes up too high if I dont get in. The other thing is, I havent applied for FAFSA but I really do need loans if I do get accepted. Most deadlines were for I too late for loans? Should I apply for FAFSA and list my two waitlisted schools just to be safe?

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