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OK, well I hoping that there are still people on here that are willing to critique a PS. I applied last year and didnt get into any school but it's probably due to my dismal LSAT score. I would really like to get input especially since I started it and ended it in an "untraditional" manner. I will do the same for other people but I really NEED this to be edited (sorry to sound desperate, but I really want to go to law school and hate the fact that I have to start all over again). Thanks in advance....just post your email and I'll send it asap.

OK, well things didnt work out so well for me regarding the law school situation. I was waitlisted at two schools, but have been ultimately denied at both. What surprised me was what I got with my stats. I have been very reserved about my numbers but I promised I would disclose after the waitlists panned out. I am a marketing major with a 3.76 LSAC GPA (4.0 UGPA) from a private second tier ugrad. I had multiple honors and awards and was apart of many extracurricular activities in addition to having a full time job as a manager at a movie theater. I had killer LORs and from all my profs and friends who read my PS, had a good one to boot. The problem lies with the LSAT; I scored a 150. I know, dissmal, but I still applied to the top schools thinking that I might get a chance given the rest of my application. Well you guessed it, i was wrong, but the results surprised regarding the waitlisted schools:
UTexas-deferred, reject
I guess Im surprised I got rejected at schools outright and was waitlisted at two schools that are tier one. Basically apply where ever, you might get that shot.

Law School Admissions / Next Year
« on: August 04, 2004, 12:59:07 PM »
Well its going to be time for me to reapply to law school again since i didnt make the cut the first year. I know that my biggest immpediment was my LSAT score so i am retaking it this Oct. I just wanted to know if i have a chance at getting in at the schools that waitlisted me, esp if i increase my LSAT. Is anyone out there who had been waitlisted one year and accepted the next? MY LOR were really good so i am going to use the same profs and add another for this year. I am going to fine tune my PS but I need to add a "what i learned or why i really want to go to your school" section. Other than that, any other suggestions?

Law School Admissions / A public thank you to GMU
« on: August 04, 2004, 11:50:34 AM »
I wanted to publically thank GMUlaw for her offer and encouragement. You may read the thread if your really curious, but GMUlaw has basically offered to give me all of her 1L books if I get off the GMU waitlist.,4953.0.html
If anyone is reading this thread because they are interested in GMU, take this as a true testament to the type of students you will encounter at GMU. I have been helped out by another GMU student who I met on this board and met another student who talked about how the majority of the class actually went up to her one day she missed a class to let her copy their outlines. Dean Richard and the rest of the addmissions department are really awesome and helpful. Dean Richard actually solicits questions from students via email and will make suggestions to students about their LSAT and GPA, what they want to study, and which school they have a pretty good chance at getting in at. I have not seen or heard of a dean of admissions who is this "hands on" with future law students (when I spoke with her, she knew of students off hand with similar cirrcumstances as well as the schools they went to). I was even more impressed when I found out that she graduated from Yale law school. It is nice to know that not all law schools are filled with students who backstab and that many will actually seek out people to help. Even though GMU is a really young law school, its care for its students has probably helped it move to the top tier or law schools. If I do not get off the waitlist this year, I will definetly reapply next year.

Law School Admissions / A DC government position
« on: July 28, 2004, 09:49:56 AM »
I know that there is a large number of people on this board that has worked for some kind of government entity in the DC area. I do not think I will be getting off a waitlist and cannot find a job for the life of me (I have a really good GPA and more honors than my resume can hold). I know that 90% of the time, students have a connection that got them the job (believe me, I talked to a couple of white house interns this summer and all of them started with "well my dad knows...."). How do you get a staff position at one of these places. I would prefer the senate, congress, or whitehouse but right now I am not being picky. My biggest obstacle is the fact that I am in Texas, but if i had a good chance at landing a job, I would start moving now. I know that a much of interns are starting to leave for school but wasnt sure if anyone needs a staff person to fill their place. Also, is there another position avaliable besides staff positions for a college graduate? I am looking for a staff position because i need to get paid (or at least a stipend for living expenses). If anyone has any suggestions or know of someone looking, please respond. I did the traditional thing by applying via the Net, but I know I will be a single person among the masses. I know I can get killer LORs and have a strong resume, but I just need that one foot in the door, so to speak. Any suggestions would be appreciated (as well as any other job or activity I can do for one year before I reapply for law school; law schools want "something special," but I am from a small town in the middle of west texas so my options are limited, well accept for the 4H club).

Well i am currently on two waitlists with no admits to fall back on. I'm wondering if anyone else is in the same situation and what are you doing in the mean time. What I am really curious about is how to handle the financial stuff. I already filled out the fafsa form and all, but i dont know if i should try and pursue a loan and by what amount. I have a general estimate of the costs the first year at school but I dont know if i qualify for something if i get admitted. I will definetly apply again next year if I dont get in this year but it brings up another point....should i register for the Oct LSAT now and what about an LSAT prep class? I still dont know where I will be afterwards if i dont get in this year (especially since my degree cant get me a decent job ANYWHERE! >:(). Ugh, well if someone else wants to vent, be my guest. 

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Update on GMU
« on: June 26, 2004, 11:51:51 PM »
I met with Dean Richard at GMU and was told the same thing that they have told everyone....just wait. They plan on reevaluating the waitlist after July 1st when the next round of deposits are due. Decisions regarding the waitlist will be sent out after July 8th as stated earlier.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Update on SMU
« on: June 26, 2004, 11:49:04 PM »
I met with the admissions people at SMU last week and was told that they will probably not go to the waitlist. The lady told me that they have not taken anyone off the waitlist in 3 years and this year doenst look any different. There is about 200-300 people on the waitlist.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Going to meet with the dean....
« on: June 01, 2004, 02:28:20 PM »
Well I decided to fly from texas to DC to meet the dean at a law school i have been waitlisted at. She told me I can schedule a time to meet with her when I get in. I want to talk to her about my chances of getting off the WL and why I should be admitted in, but I really don't know how to approach this. I mean, what am I going to say when I meet her. At a job interview, they ask you the questions and there is planned dialogue, but I dont know what to anticipate since this isnt a interview but rather a meeting. I am also wondering how I should dress. I was planning on dressing nicely but should it be business attire? I dont want to come in unprepared nor do I want to come in looking pompus. Its hard to gauge the proper approach to this non-traditional means of law school entry. I will also make another stop at another school I am WL in Texas on the way to the airport. I will do the tours (if availible) and try to market myself. Any suggestions? Has anyone else met with the law school especially if you live far away from the school itself?

Law School Admissions / Best Admissions Strategy
« on: June 01, 2004, 01:53:19 AM »
I know the consensus here regarding admissions is to apply early, I think that applying later on in the process has its advantage. I applied early to many schools and received a lot of dings, but what amazed me was a WL at a school that I thought would have a rejected me flat out. I think its safe to apply to many places at different times. Early admissions is probably the best chance, but i think sometimes applying later may help you out. If a school hasnt hit its numbers, it might admit quite a few who might have been rejected if they applied early. I have just noticed quite a few people who apply in March and get an acceptance a few weeks later with so-so stats. Just a little quirp for some potential applicants.

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