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Black Law Student Discussion Board / How Come...?
« on: December 15, 2005, 12:58:26 AM »
Old tradition we had on another site... known as the How Come's.  For those random things that are on your mind at any given moment:

How come its about 12 degrees outside?
How come I gotta go out in that *&^% to get home?
How come I am halfway done with law school?
How come pepsi tastes better than coke?
How come coke really did come from the cocain plant?
How come law school is 3 years?
How come I don't wanna go back to work?
How come BarBri is a f-in cult?
How come I joined?
How come they push that *&^% like crack rock when there are no other competitors to push it against?
How come girls and roller bags with extendable handles?
How come they take you out at the knee caps?
How come the Razor just now came out for Verizon?
How come the gub'ment caps law student loans at 18,500?
How come Arnold basically said "He won't be back!"
How come its 1am?
How come final tomorrow?
How come Patents?
How come who the hell thought patenting *&^% would be a good idea?
How come section 103 non-obviousness?
How come brain damage?
How come that's it, I'm going to bed?

Black Law Student Discussion Board / The Best Movie Quotes
« on: December 05, 2005, 03:11:04 PM »
     The Best Movie Quotes
on: May 26, 2004, 11:28:30 AM
The best thing about a movie, in my humble opinion, are the one-liners that you can take away from it.  It is almost a prerequisite to be up on your movie quotes if you want to hang out with my friends.  So what are some of your favorite movie quotes???

I'll start off with some easy ones:

"Sexual Chocolate!!!"


"Anybody who says money is the root of all evil, doesn't have any! Money can't buy happiness? Look at the f-ing smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby. You wanna hear details? Fine. I drive a Ferrari 355 cabriolet. I have a ridiculous house on the South Fork. I've got every toy you can imagine. And best of all, kids, I am liquid."


"Now go on ahead, reach in the bag, and pull out my wallet"
"Which wallet is yours?"
"Its the one that says Bad Motherfucka on it"

Black Law Student Discussion Board / The Boondocks Thread
« on: November 21, 2005, 09:12:29 AM »

After last night's show, this thread is in order.  Too many one liner's to count!  Among some of my personal favorites:

Crystalle:  "You know, like a Captain Save-A-Me."

Riley:  "See this is what I'm talkin bout.  Takin Hoe's out to dinner and what-not.  That's how it starts."

Huey:  "Crystalle, don't take this the wrong way but uh....I'm gonna have to ask you to get the hell up outa here."

Actually, I'm not even going to get into the expected political debate for now.  All I'm going to say is what those of us in the legal community have all realized but what appearantly all the millions of voters in America are just NOW starting to understand...

Supreme Court justices interpret the Constitution, which is the document giving us fundamental rights in this country.  They say whether abortion is legal, whether affirmative action is legal, whether states have the right to take your land, whether you have the right to take marijuana for medicinal purposes, etc.

They have lifetime appointments and cannot be fired EVER (there's a clause in Art. III of the Const. about bad behavior but it has never been enforced in the history of the Court). 

They are appointed by the president - a known conservative Republican. 

The appointment is approved by a simple majority vote from the Senate - whaddaya know, 55 of the 100 Senators are Republicans.

The president will appoint a Justice who thinks like he does on these fundamental rights issues (that would be conservatively).

So then the question becomes...

Why is mainstream America shocked at this nomination???

All the soccer moms of the Nation are finally starting to put 2 & 2 together.  What did they honestly think was going to happen?  G Dubyah nominated a republican, white, male candidate who has written against abortion in the past and has conservative views...GO FIGURE

And the best part has yet to come...we're going to see this happen about 3 more times before Bush leaves office.

From the Students & Graduates Board:

As I finish studying for my last final which is to take place on Monday morning (Torts), I have become reflective about 1L and decided to pass some advice to the incoming class:

1. Leave past experience at the door. No matter if you are coming straight from undergrad or have worked as a paralegal for 10 years, you are still a 1L who knows absolutley nothing about being a lawyer. Don't pretend like you are your professors collegue because you have been working at a firm. Don't look down at your fellow students because you received a 170 on the LSAT. It doesn't matter what your stats are, what schools accepted you, or what experiences you have had. You are at the bottom of the food chain, get used to it.

2. Don't fall into a clique. If you have low self esteem and need other like minded individuals around you to make you feel better about yourself, don't come to law school. Friends are fine to acquire, but if you feel yourself being drawn into "a crew", have some independance and leave that behind. Cliques are a crutch for weak minded people. All a crutch will do is leave you lagging behind the people running on their own two feet.

3. Brief cases only until you have a grasp on what the professor wants you to get out of a case. They take way too much to prepare and still don't prepare you for the questions that the prof will fire at you.

4. Volunteer in class. You will learn more through active participation than from copiously writing notes based on what other students say. Plus, when you volunteer, you are usually prepared and confident about the material. One note, though, if you volunteer to answer a question that another student doesn't know the answer to, be prepared for the professor to focus on you for the rest of the class. In addition, don't volunteer just to make yourself seem or feel smarter. Stick to the topic at hand, don't go off on a tangent about a prior experience you had, and be mindful that your 20 minute diatribe about the service of process procedures at your company could cause the professor to skim over a topic that otherwise would have been covered in depth.

5. Do your own outlines. The process is what helps you study, not the end product. Commercial outlines are ok to supplement your notes in case you missed class or the professor was ambiguous about a topic. I do my outlines the week before a final. By the time I am finished writing my outline, I understand the material completley. I only review it afterwards to remind myself about the finer points.

6. Attend as many exam writing seminars as possible and complete multiple practic exams. For most of first semester, professors hammer the CRAC or IRAC method down your throat for writing memos. Exam answers are not the same. Practice, practice, practice.

7. When you finish a memo, brief, or final exam, let it go. You have done all you can do at this point, its our of your hands. Focus on the next task or if it syour last one, enjoy the break. Also, don't talk with anyone about the final right after you take. You are bound to have analyzed something differently or missed something someone else covered completley. All comparing exam answers will do is make you super anxious. That anxiety will last for the 1-2 months it takes to get your results back. Just avoid the tension all together and just go home.

8. Don't be discouraged by your first semester grades. In law school, there is a curve. A certain amount of people must get C's and D's. If you fall into this catergory and have never received such a grade ever, don't worry. It means that you have had a harded time adjusting than the other students. Stick with it, come back after break, and talk with your professors about what you did wrong. Then improve. The only class ranking that matters is the one at the end of the year.

9. Manage your time wisely.

10. Whenever possible, on breaks or what have you, visit some friends and family. They'll keep you grounded. When you finally begin to grasp law school concepts, you will start to think that your *&^% doesn't stink. If you have a talk with your mom, she will most definitley tell you different.

Good Luck to everyone.

Stardate: JUNE 1, 2005

The greatest servant of the people has returned to the BLSD. 

WHAT'S UP FAM??!!! The 1st year of law school was rough but you can't keep a good man down.  I did have to take a brief moritorium from friends and family though with the rest of my finals (which brought the thunder) and with the law review competition, which for us started immediately after our last final. I thought I would be cool after that Civ Pro final but I was dead wrong; civ pro was just the appetizer.  I studied so hard for that Con Law final I physically got sick from the stress, no bullsh!t.  And then, without even so much as a 24 hour break, jumped right into law review...let me tell you something about that law review competition... that joker made the toughest LRW paper look like a 2nd grade book report!!!  I pulled my first (and second and third and...) official ALL-NIGHTERS in law school ever during that week.  I'm talking literally 72 hours with no sleep folks, I kid you not.  Took me back to the days of architecture studio.  But it is all done.  No more. No mas. The end.  Now let's hope that all that work pays off.

So, many long island iced teas later, I finally got a break.  Been enjoying the scenery of the east coast before I gotta start workin for the Man.  BP I was down your way in DC for a few days doing the Club Dream thing big willy style in the VIP with Cristal, which by the way is nasty ass rap video champagne that wouldn't give a 12 year old a buzz if you gave them 3 whole bottles on an empty stomach; rolled over to Philly for a couple days, saw some college friends I've been neglecting all school year long; then came back up this, hanging in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Jersey City, and Atlantic City (trying to earn next year's tuition on the roulette wheel!).  Ran into Mariah Carrey in a lounge over here in the City a couple nights ago and fellas before you even ask me the question the answer is YES!  'nuff said.  The weather has been beautiful here lately!!!  I hope everybody's been takin 5 away from the monitors and enjoying the outdoors, eating plenty of BBQ and getting fat.

A special Congratulations to all my fellow 2L's out there on making it through the infamous first year of law school. Our heads are "bloody but unbowed."  The worst is behind us...until the bar rolls around that is. 

holla atcha boy,


This is the official BLSD thread for Howard University School of Law and other Historically Black College and University law schools.  The members of the BSLD have observed that every year the new admissions cycle invariably produces many new posters who, in turn, raise many questions regarding the decision to attend Howard or other HBCU law schools as opposed to other predominantly white law schools.  Therefore, the members of BLSD have decided to consolidate these and other discussions regarding HBCU's for the benefit of future posters.

This thread represents a compilation of over 30 Howard & HBCU law school threads appearing on the BLSD from March 2005 to December 2006.  To better assist your research of Howard and other HBCU law schools, please use the index below:


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Black Law Student Discussion Board / 1L's & Current Black Law Students
« on: February 15, 2005, 11:38:54 AM »
Since weez free now, you know it wouldn't be proper unless the 1L's have their own thread to b!tch about that first year as a Black Law Student, b/c you know we have a SLIGHTLY different day to day then the rest of the mainstream.  Especially in law school.

Let me start it off...


Thank you.

Welcome to the Official BLSD "What Are My Chances?/Where Should I Apply?" Thread.  In this thread you can ask other posters what your chances are and/or what schools you should apply to with your given GPA/LSAT numbers.

Note: The first 50+ pages of this thread represent a consolidation of over 45 threads on this topic appearing on the BLSD from February 2005 until the creation of this thread in July 2006.  Before posting your own numbers, you may find it convenient to review the commentary already provided to posters with numbers similar to your own.  To better assist your search, please use the index below:

GPA/LSAT     Link                                                       

3.45/ -,26160.msg474074.html#msg474074
3.30/ -,26160.msg531046.html#msg531046
3.10/ -,26160.msg696776.html#msg696776
2.50/ -,26160.msg889842.html#msg889842
2.10/ -,26160.msg907189.html#msg907189
3.10/ -,26160.msg942106.html#msg942106
2.80/ -,26160.msg1038049.html#msg1038049
3.30/ -,26160.msg1543918.html#msg1543918

Law School Applications / Bar Passage Rates
« on: July 19, 2004, 01:55:46 PM »
Just an FYI:

STATE   Bar Passage Rate
Alabama   71%
Alaska   n/a
Arizona   75%
Arkansas   80%
California   62%
Colorado   79%
Connecticut   82%
Deleware   76%
Florida   78%
Georgia   83%
Hawaii   79%
Idaho   68%
Illinois   82%
Indiana   80%
Iowa   83%
Kansas   84%
Kentucky   79%
Louisiana   65%
Maine   74%
Maryland   73%
Massachusetts   78%
Michigan   78%
Minnesota   91%
Mississippi   92%
Missouri   82%
Montana   78%
Nebraska   85%
Nevada   67%
New Hampshire   65%
New Jersey   70%
New Mexico   84%
New York   74%
North Carolina   76%
North Dakota   85%
Ohio   76%
Oklahoma   75%
Oregon   78%
Pennsylvania   76%
Rhode Island   68%
South Carolina   82%
South Dakota   91%
Tenessee   76%
Texas   78%
Utah   87%
Vermont   78%
Virginia   74%
Washington   76%
West Virginia   73%
Wisconsin   82%
Wyoming   64%

Bar Passage Rate   STATE
62%   California
64%   Wyoming
65%   Louisiana
65%   New Hampshire
67%   Nevada
68%   Idaho
68%   Rhode Island
70%   New Jersey
71%   Alabama
73%   Maryland
73%   West Virginia
74%   Maine
74%   New York
74%   Virginia
75%   Arizona
75%   Oklahoma
76%   Deleware
76%   North Carolina
76%   Ohio
76%   Pennsylvania
76%   Tenessee
76%   Washington
78%   Florida
78%   Massachusetts
78%   Michigan
78%   Montana
78%   Oregon
78%   Texas
78%   Vermont
79%   Colorado
79%   Hawaii
79%   Kentucky
80%   Arkansas
80%   Indiana
82%   Connecticut
82%   Illinois
82%   Missouri
82%   South Carolina
82%   Wisconsin
83%   Georgia
83%   Iowa
84%   Kansas
84%   New Mexico
85%   Nebraska
85%   North Dakota
87%   Utah
91%   Minnesota
91%   South Dakota
92%   Mississippi
n/a   Alaska

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