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Choosing the Right Law School / EVERYTHING on DENVER STURM LAW
« on: March 02, 2007, 06:43:38 AM »
Moving thread from here:,77864.0.html
because of there is more traffic on this board...

Ok here are my questions about Denver and the University.

This first question is def. the most important out of the bunch.

1. My fiancee is graduating with a Associates in Nursing this Spring.  She has already been offered 3 jobs here in Texas but she can't accept them until I know where I will be this Fall.  She has heard from 2 students at her school that are trying to move to Denver, that when they inquire about jobs in Denver, they say that they must have a BSN from the Colorado schools. 

I do not want to move to a city, and she not be able to find a good nursing job.. Does anyone know anything about this?  Any suggestions?

2. I would like to live within a 10 minute drive from campus, I would also like to live where a lot of young professions are.. along with other law students.. Maybe a highrise condo, or nice apartment.. What intersection or parts of Denver meet this criteria?

3. Everyone talks about grading curves.. what is Denver's grading curve?

4. What is Denver's true attrition rate?

5. If I am wanting to pursue IP Patent law, health care law, investment law, startup business law, and white collar crime law... But mainly IP Patent.. can I get a job easily graduating from Denver?  I want to be respected and sought after.. I don't want to beg for employment..

6. What is the weather like?  Do you have to carry a snow shovel around in your car?
Are you digging yourself out from inside your apartment?  Is is rainy and overcast alot?
How warm are the summers?  When does summer start in Denver, when does it end?

7. Does the law school sponsor bar review on thursday nights?
what about other social events?  Do professors ever hold parties at their houses?
What are the students like?  Are they rich snobs?  are they blue collar hard workers? 
How does the admin treat the students?

8. How far do you have to walk from the parking garage to your classrooms?  Do you ever find yourself saying.. this really sucks walking all of this way in the freezing cold, or horrid heat?

9. How are the professors?  Are they easy to understand?  Do they make concepts easy to grasp or do you have to struggle to get it..?  Professors make the class and the education that you get at a school.. do you think that you are getting what you are paying for?  $150,000 worth..

10. the facilities are obviously nice.. do you have any complaints about them though?

11. Do you get full access to Lexis Nexis or only partial?

12. How should you prepare for 1L at Denver?

13. Tell me critisisms of the school and things associated with your experience at Denver..

14. Do you know of students who are working part time in a law related area as a 1 or 2L?  If so, how did they get it, and what type of employment is it?  Do you know anyone that is a part time patent agent while attending Denver law?

Thanks a bunch!

I suspect in the next 10 days we will see a HUGE influx in decisions..

The law schools seem to be waiting on the February LSAT scores because of the new ABA policy on highest LSAT score. 

Tomorrow the Feb. test takers get their scores back.  Some of these same people will send in new apps, but most of them have already submitted apps with either an old LSAT score or are waiting for the Feb score.  Once the scores come in.. then LSAC will send the score to these applicants schools in which they applied.  If scores are sent immediately through LSAC, then the schools will have them in the next couple of days..

Then the schools will have all of the applicants that they will see for this cycle. 

This is good because then it will enable schools to make more decisions on borderline applicants..

Suppose a school as not recieved enough high LSATs this year, but they still have hopes in improving from last years medians.. so they defer borderline applicants and extend deadlines to accomodate the Feb. LSATs.  Once these scores come in, the schools will either get a nice suprise with more high LSATs and then they will reject many borderline applicants, or they will be disappointed and will get low LSATs and in this case they will start immediately accepting borderline students..

IMO I think the latter will happen at schools in the midwest and noncoastal south regions.. and a mixture of the former and latter will happen in coastal regions.

Applicants are way down the last two years.. and they will be way down this year.. But people will always want to be on the coasts.. so these schools might not see a decrease in applicants..

But in any case, look for many of your decisions to happen in the next 3-14 days.

Choosing the Right Law School / school start dates..
« on: February 27, 2007, 02:44:55 PM »
What day in August do schools usually start first day of class?

Choosing the Right Law School / Type of Lawyer with the most POWER
« on: February 20, 2007, 01:15:44 PM »
So in your opinion, which type of attorney would be decribed as the most powerful?

What type of lawyer (practice area) is considered to have the most power?

What is the most prestigious retail jeweler?  Where do you want your bling from?

Suppose that a man is going to ask you to marry him.. At which jeweler would you prefer your ring be bought?

All of your friends will ask, "where did he buy it from?"

Choosing the Right Law School / Money for Part Time students
« on: February 03, 2007, 09:08:22 PM »
The full time students get anywhere between $10-20K allotted for living expenses..

What about the part time people?  Do they get the same $10-20K allotted?  Or do they get a fraction of this or none at all?

I want to practice in a law firm with the following specialties.

1. Patent law and IP
2. Medical Malpractice Defense
3. Investment law
4. New business law
5. White collar crime

I am interested in the following characteristics of a school (highest to lowest)

1. Employment in medium to large firms possibly clerking for a federal judge
2. Reputation of school
3. Quality of life at school and surrounding city
4. Weather warm and sunny?
5. Cost of living and tuition
6. Mobility of degree

Assuming you are paying full tuition tell me which school you would choose and why..

Then tell me which school that you would pick considering my criterion listed above..

Choosing the Right Law School / Starting Salary for Schools...
« on: January 28, 2007, 03:26:30 PM »
Why is University of Denver's average starting salary so low?  It is listed as being $50,000/year.  And they are ranked #70 in the nation?  How can this be?

Choosing the Right Law School / Ranting/analysis/think tank
« on: January 26, 2007, 11:00:47 AM »
There are many things that I love about the law profession.  But I would have to say, that the thing that I like the most is how transparent everthing is.

In the law profession, you can find firms/lawyers by going to and  It also lists the salaries and work hours for the best jobs... there are plentiful messageboards where info can be exchanged.. and to top it all, these same messageboards have high traffic.  If you want a job, just search martindale for all of the lawyers that graduated from your school, then find the ones that practice what you do, then call them.. all of this info is at your fingertips.. Not many other professions can claim this type of transparency..

The law is very diverse, you can do ALOT of things with a law degree.  And to top it all, you do not have to have a product to start your own business (firm).  you are offering a service and that is what your business sells.  You are your own company in a sense. 

I know that when I graduated my engineering school, I did not have these resources when looking for a job... you pretty much just call your contacts, or do resume blasts..

And for engineering schools, they do not readily post statistical information about it's graduates and employment rates.  Or for the matter starting salaries.  So when you go to a school, you only know if it has a good rep. for the most part.

Everyone should be thankful that the law profession is so competitive.. because when something is competitive that means that people will go to great length to seek out info about the profession, thereby making it available to everyone.. this in turn helps everyone in the profession to maximize effectiveness and efficiency in their endeavors.

Just a thought..  ;D

Any other rantings/analysis?

Financial Aid / GRAD PLUS Questions and Answers 2007
« on: January 24, 2007, 11:33:48 AM »
Post all of your questions or helpful comments about Grad Plus loans here.

I have a couple of questions to start with..

When should we start applying for these loans, and how long do they take to come in to the schools.. and when are they usually dispersed?

What are the specific criteria that would make you elligible/inelligible for these loans?

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