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Hey guys,

So after being the #1 Pierce cheerleader, I'm sad to say that I have decided to withdraw my seat for the class of 2009. After a weekend of hardcore thinking, my reasoning was basically my fear of being at a disadvantage to students with technical undergraduate/graduate degrees. During the online chats, I was told by one of the students that the employers attending OCI's are usually there for students who are patent eligible- others would have to do their own legwork to get noticed by employers and I thought this was a bit unfair. I didn't want to start off with anything going against me and I feel that if I went to Pierce such would be the case. Good luck to everyone who will be at Pierce in the Fall. It is still an AMAZING school in my eyes I just feel I would be better suited elsewhere.

Good luck all.

P.S. sorry jbeans to have to back out of our potential living arrangement- i'm sure you won't have any problems finding a roomie. :)

Hey y'all

I finally got access to the housing list and they have some pretty good prospects- I was told the list will be updated every now and then. So for now, I'm just posting to get some lsd roommies on board to live together (since by knowing about this site we're already gunners and as you know gunners=good grades ;)) . Jbeans and I have already talked so now we're looking for more people to come aboard. I was told housing goes quick so I'd like to have something secured by the end of June at the latest. Pm me or post here if you want to live with us lsd folk.  ;D

Current Law Students / Re: anyone feel dooped?
« on: April 12, 2006, 11:29:25 PM »
I don't have any "real" input as I have not been to any ASDs due to lack of time but I was just wondering if by posting this inquiry you are starting to question you current school choice?? I've only heard you saying great things about your school...did something happen to make you question them?

Current Law Students / Re: Law School Weekends
« on: April 12, 2006, 11:19:07 PM »
Seems like a sweet schedule kait. glad you posted it. after seeing folks talking about 20hrs of studying everyday i was starting to get freaked out because that much work is one, not healthy, and two, not at all conducive to learning- but to each his own. I do plan on putting in a sane amount of work but I'm just glad to know I won't resemble a zombie after my 1L.

I'm looking for rommies too (I'm 22F)! ;D I just discovered Hillside View apts ('s a 4min drive to the school (should be reasonable walking distance) and it's only $400/month per person for a 2 bdrm. I just thought I'd throw that out there. I'm going to hold off and take a look at the housing list from FP as I would like to live with at least 2 other people (to help defray cost of utilities)...If anyone aleady has access to the list and can share please do  :).

Thanks ambassador definitely told me the wrong thing then....I guess I'll send in my deposit tomorrow...

Sorry for all the posts but I just came across this article earlier tonight and I wanted to make sure people who were interested in FP saw this:

It's just about their new addition of an IP clinic. I think this will definitely up FP's reputation in IP. Plus it seems like an amazing opportunity. The professor appears to be very esteemed in the IP field. Not a bad thing to have on the resume.

Thanks for the review Autumn!

Hey Hurricane and Autumn!

Great to have some more people on the board. Autumn,it's nice to hear that you're almost on board for FP- it's a great school and I think we'll all go far with them. I've gotta look for your review now  :)

Technology is great. They've got an ample amount of computers for students to use around the school- they had an e-mail center, 2 or 3 computer labs, and computers in the library. They've got tv's/projection screens in most of the classrooms. They have a couple of very modern looking classrooms- especially in the newer wing. The classrooms have the the outlets and network hubs for laptop hookups. They have wireless internet access throughout the entire building. All in all, technology is very good.

With sports, I didn't play anything but I'm a runner and I, too, like that there is a park across the street- when the weather is nice and I want to unwind, I'm glad there a place I can go running. Pierce has a couple of sports teams so you may want to look into joining if sports is your forte.

Definitely send your deposit in tomorrow. I'm a last minute person, so I probably won't send it in until the last second (postmarked April 17th at 6:59pm - the post office closes at 7pm  :P).

Yeah the apartment complexes on Loudon are fairly new. Driving, they are about 8 minutes from the school- however, that's on a good day. I drove through the area once and it took about 8 minutes. The second time I drove through it was closer to 15 minutes due to highway traffic (Loudon is perpendicular to like 3 highways) so that may be something to consider. I really liked the look of the apartments and read really good reviews (especially for Salisbury) but the traffic is something I don't know that I want to deal with especially if I'm in a rush to get to class. That's why I wanted to see if there was something within walking distance to the school that anyone knew about so I can look in that direction...

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