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Ok so I saw this thing yesterday....and....I hated it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Superman. I've watched all the the Christopher Reeve versions and even watched the Lois and Clark tv series a few years back. But I got to say that outside of the special effects, the movie was pretty flat leaving me most of the time to say "".  The plot/storyline was just so blah. I was bored for half the movie. I hated that they cast a 23 year old to be a mom of a 5 year old kid, which btw was pretty dumb especially since when you think of Lois Lane, you think of a tough, ball-busting, take-no-$hit newswoman...Lois isn't supposed to me a mom figure if you ask me. I liked Brandon Routh as Clark but as Superman, he was m'eh...just ok. I dunno. I guess he was too young for me too. To make matters worse, they give him a son?!?!?!?! wtf? I think it was such a wrong move since the allure of Superman is the sadness that he isn't "one of us" and will never be able to enjoy such things in life as romance and family because of the duties he has to the world. Now he's a dad?????? Don't get me started on the plot holes- if I remember correctly, at the end of Superman II, Clark/Superman kisses Lois making her forget the time they had spent together and the fact that he was Superman...sooooo how in the world did she allow herself to continue with a pregnancy where she doesn't remember the conception? She figures it's Superman's kid, but did she remember they had sex? Plus how does the kid have powers if when he was conceived, Clark was human and NOT Superman??? I don't know. This movie just disappointed me in so many ways. I did like the score and some of the action sequences but without a good story all you have is a $250 million fireworks show. Maybe it's just me.

So I'm pretty set on where I'm headed to school in the fall but I have two schools that have invited me to admitted student events and I'm contemplating attending these events simply for the chance to get free food/drinks. Is this a major faux pas? I don't wanna be a pr!ck. By doing this, I have yet to withdraw from these schools and I know people on waitlists plus those with no decisions yet would benefit from my withdrawals. I dunno...rarely do I get anything for free and this cycle has been such a hectic one for me so I figure these events would be a nice cap to the whole process being over.

Incoming 1Ls / Anyone in the Duquesne Class of 2009?
« on: April 17, 2006, 12:55:06 PM »
Hey all,

So I just got my acceptance last Friday (definitely a Good Friday ;)) and I have already decided I will be attending come Fall. Just wanted to see if anyone is still waiting on Duquesne and if they hear good news from Duquesne will definitely be attending; or if anyone has already heard from Duquesne and they're >75% sure they will be attending. I just wanted to get peoples thoughts on the school/Pittsburgh and why they'll be attending. Also, has anyone heard anything about an Admitted Students Day? I've seen some schools with ASD's in late April so I figured it wasn't too late to have one. Does anyone have any potential housing options? I'm trying to get the best feedback as to the best place to live in Pittsburgh, preferably with other Duquesne students. So come in and drop a line!

P.S. I've probably posted something to this effect on the Students and Grad Duquesne board so post where you please!

Choosing the Right Law School / Anyone considering Franklin Pierce?
« on: March 27, 2006, 08:12:19 PM »
I was just wondering if anyone was either pretty set on attending FP or is at least considering it? Has anyone visited? What are your thoughts on the school/Concord??? I'm still waiting to hear back from some other schools but if things don't go exactly as planned I think I'll be headed there come Fall and I just want to get feedback from those in the same boat.

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