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I'm going to jump on the Wendel bandwagon. I'm currently using that and I have to say I actually ENJOY possessory estates. That book makes it fun to do. That book dumbs it down for you. The guy repeats things a million times that if you come out not understanding that stuff, then there's something wrong. Seriously get that book. It has practice problems and chart recaps at the end of the chapters. It's sooooooo good.

I fail to see how this is a legal impossibility in any event.  This scenario is essentially identical to the oft-cited example of shooting at an empty bed thinking that there's a living victim lying in it, when in actuality there's only a mannequin or a bundle of pillows underneath the sheets.  Both scenarios certainly sound like factual impossibility to me, and I'm not sure there is a convincing, principled distinction between the two.

Then again, I'm with those commentators who say the only truly "legal" impossibility is trying to commit an act which in actuality is not a crime, even though the actor believes it is.   ;)

This situation is distinguishable from the classic example in that the defendants in these cases haven't even "shot" at the empty bed. While a bullet would injure or kill a person, driving a car to a sting house would not constitute sex.

But the crime here is incomplete, or inchoate; we're dealing with attempt, not a completed crime.  What you raise, it would seem, is an issue of how the actus reus of attempt is defined.  If driving to a car after soliciting sex online is sufficient to satisfy the actus reus requirement of attempted sexual battery on a minor (or whatever the specific offense is), it doesn't seem to distinguish it from my example at all: shooting at an empty bed is equally sufficient to satisfy the actus reus requirement of attempted murder.

As you say, we are in the realm of inchoate crimes here. And as such, a defendant's actions are critical in that they evidence the firmness and extent of his intent. In my opinion, the actions of most defendants in Dateline-like sting operations do not sufficiently corroborate his apparent purpose to have sex with a minor. Frankly, I think most of these guys are completely indifferent to the age of the "victim." They are lonely perverts who want to have sex. They are certainly reckless as to the "girl's" age, but they lack specific intent to victimize a child. There are, of course, exceptions to this, which is yet another reason not to convict dangerous pedophiles under the same statutes that we convict idiot perverts.

Now, ad to the situation that the undercover agents are creating a fictional scenario when they log onto chat rooms as young girls to see who "bites." A critical question is this: How many ACTUAL 12-15 year old girls would a) be as open to meeting a strange older man as the decoy is? and b) actually arrange to meet with such a stranger?

Although actual children are sometimes victimized is similar cases, I suspect that the decoys are creating a largely fictional universe, so to speak, in which incredibly stupid  and lonely 13-yr-old girls are totally willing to turn a trip to the Harry Potter chatroom into a meeting with a hairy old guy for sex.   

Funny that you mention this because this does indeed occur with actual 12-15 year old girls. They're discussing this very issue on the pre-law board about how a 13 year old girl and her mother as suing Myspace for $30 million for not protecting teenage girls from sexual predators like these. A real 13 year old girl actually went and arranged a meeting with a sex offender and subsequently was sexually assualted by the man during this meeting. Trust me, it happens. This isn't something of fiction.

I too watched the dateline series on this and they actually raised the issue of this being seen as entrapment. According to officials dealing with these types of sex crimes, it is not entrapment if during the online conversations the perpetrator is the one that brings up sexual acts- meaning the sexual offender needs to be one who outrightly states something to the effect of "i want to perform some sort of sexual act with you". If you look at transcripts of crimes like these, the undercover agents are NEVER the ones to state that they would like to have sex- they wait for the perpetrator to inititiate the conversation. so with or without this being a sting operation, the guy would've committed this crime regardless and therefore wasn't lured into anything.

Current Law Students / Re: Franklin Pierce or Quinnipiac
« on: May 10, 2006, 02:07:42 PM »
From someone who was fairly close to attending Pierce I would actually advise against going there unless you're planning on doing IP AND have a technical degree. I spoke with an actual student who stated that OCIs there are geared towards patent eligible students so if you're not in that group, you probably won't be getting looked at by employers. Another student told me otherwise but from my own thinking, it'll probably be hard getting noticed anyway unless you have a hard science undergrad/grad degree and/or technical experience especially since Pierce just fell to the T4. Seeing as how you are not looking to pursue the patent par (or IP in general, I'm assuming?), I would just go with Quinnipiac- I hear they do fairly well in their region of Connecticut so employment shouldn't be much of a problem (granted you want to be in at least the top half of the class). Good luck with wherever you decide to go.

Duquesne U / Re: Duquesne Class of 2009
« on: April 21, 2006, 02:15:34 PM »
Hey Mike,

Thanks for the link. Yea I would agree that living on campus is a big no no especially for law students. You'd have a lot more freedom if you lived off campus and you wouldn't be stuck paying for a meal plan and having to eat with undergrads in the dining halls. I didn't even know that being a catholic school they would have stricter rules and regulations :-\- as adults, that would've been really weird and inconvenient (i.e. no drinking). You're right that living off campus is harder when you don't know anyone- I just posted on the myspace site looking for some female roommates because I don't want to search for apts alone. You should probably do the same. Do you happen to have a link to the mount washington apts? I'd be interested in checking it out. The myspace group mentioned Washington Plaza which looks freakin' amazing but it may be a little pricey but still managable (since all utilites are paid). It's really close to school and has a lot of amenities/features. One guy said he's pretty set on living there and if others appear to be living there I may go that route as well. I just really want to live with other law students. Anyway, I posted a link there so I'll post a link here too of a list of apts in Pittsburgh:

Duquesne U / Re: Duquesne Class of 2009
« on: April 20, 2006, 11:01:24 PM »
NESL was definitely nice to me as well (they called me at least once a week just to see if I had any questions). I can understand holding onto Buffalo- it's a good school though I hear that schools outside T50 are fairly regional so you would be confined mostly to upstate NY if you went there. Looking at Duq, I definitely had to ask myself if I minded working in Pittsburgh and I didn't so I'm more than happy to go to school there. As for living arrangements, I'm still searching. I'm pretty much all over craigslist every day to see if there are any good deals in the area I want to live (Squirrel Hill, Shadyside). I'm curious as to where most Duq students live...I'd like to live close to other law students as it's easier to meet up for study groups/drinking. MmTino, where are you looking to live? Have any good prospects?

Duquesne U / Re: Duquesne Class of 2009
« on: April 20, 2006, 02:18:18 PM »
I am thinking about attending Duquesne if I get in.  They are taking forever.  They recieved my app. in very early November, my numbers are 3.57/154; whenever I ask about my status I get a generic answer like "we will decide on you sometime during the 'spring term'."  If accepted I will have to decide b/w Syracuse, Duquesne neither with $$, or Widener with $$.  Not really sure what to do--doubt I will go to Cuse b/c it is ridiculously expensive.  Duq. and Widener are comparable but I could commute from parents house to Widener.  Not too sure about job prospects for either of these school though

hey ward, sorry to hear they're taking forever with yet another applicant- you're numbers should've made you an auto-admit imho  ???. that's really weird- you're at about the 75th percentile for both your lsat and gpa. i would just recommend what i have to others still waiting- write that letter of continued interest if you already haven't. i visited and didn't feel good at all about my visit (i.e. how i came off to the director) so i figured i would try to redeem myself with the letter of continued interest. you can see the thread i reference above to corbabe where i gave the format of my letter to crossexam.

i would steer clear of cuse not only for their ridicuously high tuition but the fact i have read nothing but bad remarks about them and they are apparently slipping in the rankings. Widener is appealing to those who want to stick around Philly and I'm sure the $$ you save by going there and living at home would be great but unless you're planning on going into the public sector (which i hear widener does OK in), I don't think the $$ saved would be enough to choose it over Duq. Everyone says they are bottom feeder school in Philly and with that infamous C- curve, more students fail out than graduate :-\...this could all be hearsay so take it with a grain of salt but it's still something to consider. I've heard Duq places pretty well in Pittsburgh (and if you're good enough you could make your way over to Philly) and our only competition is really with UofPitt- that competition may disappear due to students at UofPitt branching out to other parts of PA and outside the state. I wouldn't mind working in Pittsburgh so I feel that I would do well by going to Duq. Anyway, good luck hearing back from Duq- they would be INSANE to let someone with your stats slip away. :)

Duquesne U / Re: Duquesne Class of 2009
« on: April 20, 2006, 01:09:09 PM »
Hey guys!

I didn't even realize people had been posting here so this is cool! I'm Linda from the myspace group (I have facebook too but I wasn't sure if there was an ability to make an inter-school group and I'm not too sure that everyone has facebook so I figured since everyone raves about myspace I'd make the group there). I'm 100% sure I'll be in Pittsburgh in the fall and I couldn't be happier.  :)

psuisback- definitely don't give up hope. i have always said that this process is so RANDOM that you never know what's gonna happen. I take it you are a student at psu? Is your gf being in pittsburgh your only reason for the transfer or are you not quite diggin' psu? good luck in getting in- hopefully your application will stand out from the previous batches!

Mmtino2- I see you've joined the myspace group and I've already said hey there  :). What's the 90% thing all about? Is there something still holding you back from being fully committed? Is the other school you got into the reason? Btw which school is it? (The only schools I can imagine getting flack on this board are NESL and Suffolk). I got into NESL but Duq was the obvious favorite. I'm happy about the COL in Pitt too. I'm used to paying around $600 plus utilities so I'm really happy I can live in Pitt for A LOT less. Though, I am looking into Squirrel hill/Shadyside and those parts seem to have the more pricier places. We'll see...

Corbabe- I've been watching both you and crossexam on lsn for a long time since you guys have been waiting FOREVER to hear back from Duq. Crossexam actually posted a thread in the law school applications forum (Is there any hope left) talking about his Duq wait. I'm sure it sucks to wait but I'm holding out hope for you guys- we figured the latest you should hear by is May 1st so hopefully this week or next will be your week to hear back! Honestly, if you applied back in november and still haven't heard, I would think it's an unwritten deferral which means they obviously saw something good in your file and want to let you in but they're just being number whores for the time being and are just letting people in with higher numbers at the moment. When all those high numbers folks actually withdraw and head to  UofPitt  ;), I'm sure they'll start letting the deferrals in. Thanks for offering up some tips about the area- I will definitely shoot some your way. Good luck!

Duquesne U / Re: Duquesne Class of 2009
« on: April 18, 2006, 10:05:50 PM »
Hey guys,

So I went ahead and created a Duq Myspace group so if you're headed to Duq this fall please join! This way we can have an official meet and greet with each other since, to my knowledge, we won't be having an actual admitted students day event. Later!

Duquesne U / Duquesne Class of 2009
« on: April 17, 2006, 02:05:15 PM »
Hey all,

So I just got my acceptance last Friday (definitely a Good Friday ) and I have already decided I will be attending come Fall. Just wanted to see if anyone is still waiting on Duquesne and if they hear good news from Duquesne will definitely be attending; or if anyone has already heard from Duquesne and they're >75% sure they will be attending. I just wanted to get peoples thoughts on the school/Pittsburgh and why they'll be attending. Also, has anyone heard anything about an Admitted Students Day? I've seen some schools with ASD's in late April so I figured it wasn't too late to have one. Does anyone have any potential housing options? I'm trying to get the best feedback as to the best place to live in Pittsburgh, preferably with other Duquesne students. So come in and drop a line!

P.S. I've posted this in the pre-law accepted and decided students board so post where you please! if i see one board get more replies than the other I'll change the subject name to the official board so we can all post in one spot.

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