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small, lefty, young UG -> large, centrist, established LS:

I am going to draw exact parallels:

I am becoming older and, as such, losing my lefty edge, drinking more coffee and thinking about buying a car. Contemplating trying to make a lot of money. I am also getting fatter.

So, ouchy is heading to NYC next weekend to visit and check out NYU (and NYLS ... you know).

Any good ideas on things I just MUST see? Best bagels in all New York? I heard the Whitney Biennial was subpar? Thoughts?

I have friends there, but they are recent-ish arrivees and I like to pretend to know something about everything.

A good pub crawl route would also be good.

please, be my virtual tour guide.

i always figured that if alcohol can make people seem more attractive, then factors related to a relationship (such as time, personality of the other, actions of the other) will also affect percieved attractiveness. i know that happy people are more attractive (to me) than unhappy people. It just takes time to figure out who is really happy and who is crazy.

but, just like law schools, we all have our auto-reject categories that no LOR or PS can overcome.

i think he means this

I did indeed mean that. I should have linked. I learned a valuable lesson today.

When LSD went down I was forced over to xoxoh. Their satire of the quintessential LSD thread was pretty funny. Does that count? LSD was down, so in some respects xoxoh was the de facto LSD.

Who are you, noob?

oh, just your regular friendly canadian undergrad seeking access to elite establishments. And a guy who likes to argue just about everything.

I hope to prove an elusive prey. I have this distinct aversion to being eaten. And killed. Both are bad.

One cannot apply moral values to cultural differences UNLESS there are objective truths. So, if one believes in objective truths then one has to ascribe moral values to cultural difference. Belief or not in objective truths is subjective.

But to get on track, total and complete assimilation is not good, but segregation is useless/bad. Good assimilation can be valuable. Society is, and I hate this term, organic. One cannot fully remove all differences - they seep in.

And the idea of cultural relativism can be distinctly harmful in that one cannot condemn harmful acts if they are considered acceptable within their cultural framework. This is not good because sometimes things are bad.

okay, i'll admit it, I just want to argue with red. and I'll do it again! dammit. i am starved for argumental people in this godforsaken town. 2 more months.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Why is law school hard?
« on: February 28, 2006, 10:31:18 AM »
besides all of this talk about binaries, shades of greys, etc., there is the issue of the assignment of massive readings that may present problems. Especially for us hard science folk.

I know some well-read people at v. good schools (HYS) who feel that they cannot complete the readings. (200 pages_a_class x 4 classes) + ecs + life_functions = large_number. In fact, it was suggested (seriously) that I learn speed reading before starting. I choose a different route: - how many law readings are available as books on tape?

I would also like to agree with the curve aspect. UG is easy and if one does get a C, who cares? In law school, from what I understand from extensive lurking, a C is the initial symptom of terminal seppuku. But someone has to get those Cs. And if one is doing what they should do and going to a school that will challenge them, then that person could very well be you. I was a grade junkie in UG (sweats, screaming if I though an exam went badly. even worse if I got a bad grade). I assume that I will be a complete mess in LS.

Even at Yale, which I agree would be amazing to attend, students are graded on the Honors/Pass/Low Pass/Failure system (I think that those are the designations) so while Yale itself doesn't rank there are ranking issues. One cannot float when one gets in, especially if one desires a judicial clerkship (someone can correct me if I am completely wrong).

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