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HaciM36, I would go to the highest ranked school, ceteris paribus.  A month back one of the partners at my work place made a joke about Villanova's LSAT reporting. I thought the guy was just busting chops since he was a Temple grad but it seems Villanova Law reported bogus LSAT & GPA figures for classes prior to 2010.  I had no idea, until I googled it recently. What I have heard from my colleagues is that, Villanova's clinics are not at the same level as Temple and Rutgers. Just thought I'd give my 2 cents on decision 2011.

Yea, I just added the facebook page. 

I am trying to get an idea of what to expect my first semester. Shouldn't the TAP program be in full swing?  When do TAP students find out their admission status for fall?

Does anyone know what the job market is like for Widener grads this yr? 

*which are accredited

Getting wait-listed is a nightmare. I am in limbo about forking up the $400 deposit for Widener, in case I get into Temple. I was a bit apprehensive about applying to Drexel Law considering it only recently  got ABA accredited and is not a member of AALS.  I believe, a lot of good law schools require transfer students to be from schools who are ABA accredited and members of AALS. If, you have any thoughts about transferring later on you should think about this.   

I am contemplating attending Widener this Fall and wanted to reach out to anyone doing the same. I got wait-listed by Temple and haven't heard anything on that front. So, it looks like its Widener for now. Any thoughts on off-campus housing in Harrisburg? What kind of experiences have people had while attending Widener?


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