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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Junior In College, Ready for LSAT?
« on: June 10, 2011, 06:11:57 PM »
junior as in just completed your second year of undergrad?

not happen unles experimental.

I am guessing that I am misunderstanding you but I only had one RC section.

Of course we are only speaking in hypotheticals since Mr. cvntstscrty isn't clarifying his position of no discussion, but it would really suck to have a very difficult reading passage as the first one. I would think that it would suck up too much time if you weren't watching the clock and then make you rush through the rest of the questions.

I think i was F  :D

So can I ask if anyone else found the first reading comprehension passage particularly challenging, or would that fall under prohibited discussion?

How about Phoenix Law?  You could always try to transfer after 1L if you get good grades and still want to go to ASU.  Granted, that's a gamble, but worst-case, you can get that Phoenix Law degree and practice.

Do not do this.

I think MikePing is about right. You need to be in the 170s and the higher the better. If you check out, there was apparently a non-URM admit with a 168 and a 2.76 GPA. I think that's cutting it pretty close, but that should at least give you a general idea of how you need to do. Good luck.

why not? I am in just about the same boat as bigs5068 and I am planning on going to Phoenix college before transferring.

I read on some board out there, perhaps this one, that you can use this website to simulate the LSAT with a real test supervisor:

if it is correct, then you have been studying appropriately.

Are you saying that the test is a joke because it is easy?

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