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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: February 2006 Florida Bar Results
« on: April 18, 2006, 06:56:11 AM »
a leading indicator of 2006 college football success?


Born again? (ouch)


From Jappy to Happy!

Thanks guys.

I very much understand that it will mostly involve grunt work and that I will be the lowest on the totem pole.  But here are my thoughts:

1) I don't have any legal experience whatsoever and this job will expose me to the day-to-day procedures of litigation/filing court docs/etc.

2) I will allow me to make some contacts in the Tallahassee legal community at a top firm.

3) It will allow me to move to a completely new area ahead of time (might be able to buy a condo/home), which bodes well for my case for residency.

I think it wouldn't hurt for a couple of months considering these circumstances. I am not making a lateral career move here.  Any thoughts?

Choosing the Right Law School / Runner - what is the role in a firm?
« on: April 14, 2006, 08:41:57 AM »
Can anyone offer a typical job description and/or comments on the position. Would it be worth doing over the summer? I am sure it won't pay much more than McDonald's, but I am willing to leave my salary position early because I have never worked in a legal environment and want to move to Tallahassee early (buying a place); it seems like these are the only positions I will be able to get considering I'm pre-law, have no legal experience, and will only be working a few months.

Trogdor, right on. If only the world were wholly rational.  You're right, we really shouldn't focus on this and we've let our inexperience and naivete overemphasize it.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: what to do?
« on: April 12, 2006, 06:31:12 AM »
I picked number 1 as I believe at this point it's easier to assume that the other schools will not pan out. This way, there won't be any unnecessary stress or let down. Assume you'll be going to FSU, which I think is a great option unless you want to be in NE. In the event something changes with these other schools, address it then.

Also, we have nearly identical numbers but I was not offered a scholarship on the first go round.  Do you have any insight here? And by the way, pay attention to posts regarding residency transfer if you haven't.  There is some uncertainty causing concern for much of us, but I am hopeful it'll work itself out. I am not looking back on FSU.


Thanks for your comments; they certainly make sense in regards to attending a Tier 4 school. I suppose if one is attending a tier 4 school both a high gpa/high class rank will be paramount.  In my case, I am evaluating FSU (now ranked 53). I got some more perspective on the curve and believe it to be helpful. If one is choosing between two schools in which everything is pretty much equal save the curve, then strongly consider it. However, in general if you are attending a school with strong employment stats (e.g. FSU has 85% employed at grad, 98% employed within 6 mos.) do not fret because you'll be able to display classr ank next to GPA and it likely will make sense to those hiring.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: University of Florida Residency
« on: April 11, 2006, 07:30:35 PM »
seriously, this is driving me nuts. After leaving FSU, I felt confident that under current law it would be no problem transfering residency so long as all steps were completed prior to the first day of 1L. Overwhelmingly, they believed that Bush will again veto the bill as graduate programs,at least at FSU, will be severely devastated if they lose students from out of state. I really thought my decision was set (felt comfortable with debt load after residency transfer) and I could enjoy the balance of my time between now and law school. Now, I have to sit and wait until some time in June all the while putting together a contingency plan to buy a house/condo, which will require me to move much earlier than I had planned.  I really hope this works out for those of us in this horribly uncertain position.

For example, at FSU there is a very strictly enforced C+ curve in which only 5-10% of the class may receive an A while another 5% must receive a D.  A current student made mention of this as a very important point to consider.  Apparently employers do not adequately account for a more difficult curve and it comes across as an excuse/whining during an interview.  I believe I was told by faculty/administrators that it's equally as common to place class rank on a resume especially in these circumstances, however, I'd hate to be ranked right in the middle of my class with a 2.5 and not get a job over someone at say UF with 2.6 who's closer to the bottom in his/her class (I am only using UF as an example, not suggesting comparison is accurate).

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  I was all psyched to attend FSU but considering this and the residency transfer in limbo till June, excitement and anticipation is quickly turning to doubt and concern.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: University of Florida Residency
« on: April 10, 2006, 01:11:06 PM »
I apologize if I did not answer this above.  There has been no change to existing state law regarding residency transfer for graduate/professional students seeking residency in the state of FL after their first year.  There are talks of a revised proposal that (to my knowledge) is yet to be brought in front of the legislature. It is the "off the record view" of those at FSU that any such proposal will again be vetoed.  As of now, absolutely nothing has changed. I'd ask current FSU 1Ls who came from out of state how/if they plan to obtain residency after their first year and the requisite steps they followed to do so.  I'd also ask UF how they handled the matter last year when a lot of people found themselves bound to UF under false pretenses.

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