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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: American U Lap Program
« on: May 09, 2007, 10:55:57 PM »
There is info up on the blog about this. FYI :)

Also, I started a facebook group for WCL 2010 since I couldnt find one.

Law School Admissions / Re: Study Abroad
« on: May 08, 2007, 05:33:05 PM »
my university translated them into actual grades

As opposed to French grades, which are... fake grades?

Okay, fair enough. My university translated my french grades into American grades.

French grades are on a 20 point scale, except that 17, 18, 19, or 20 are basically never awarded. I don't know a single french person who has ever gotten more than a 16 in a class. So while a 16 might numerically be the same as an 80, in terms of MEANING it's the same as an A.

At the bottom of this page there's an interesting conversion chart for French, German, Spanish, and American grades. It it, of course, only one system.

I'm not so much worried as I am ready for a decision.  They've had my application complete for about 3 months now. What is it that they're not so sure about? I applied as my safety. I know they can reject me for any reason they want, including stumbling over this post, but if that's what they want to do they should go ahead and do it already.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: The plot thickens...
« on: May 07, 2007, 02:18:39 AM »
If you want more people with UT/Tulane knowledge to answer, you might consider changing the subject of your thread to something that incorporates those two names. I am personally more likely to click on a thread with the intent to provide information if I know before I click on it that I have information to provide. As it is, you are probably getting alot of 'curious clickers' and not enough 'good UT trolls,' because they don't know you're looking for them.

Well I am meant I saw on the SMU thread that you were waitlisted. But I totally feel you on thw money being spent and getting every decision out of the adcomms. I am still waiting on Pepperdine and I dont know what to make out of it. I do have some resume updates. I have been teaching Spanish in the Columbus Inner city schools for the last 4 months now, but my previous resume was already two pages long and so I am not sure how to augment that one or should I just state it somewhere or reduce my previous resume or whatever. I had a LOR sent in after their decision to waitlist me. It was sent in January. Other than that I have no more. I knd of told SMU that I would guarantee my matriculation if admitted, but then they admitted to the part time program so I wont feel as bad if I dont go, but Pepperdine is in there as well, since I would prefer attending a fulltime program and its Cali, plus I would love to transfer to one of the Cali schools, so the in state I would be able to receive after the first year would be great, but it is not that crucial or serious. I just want UHLC to admit already and let me tell my mom to fix my room back up.

I was hearing the same thing when I visited American. Although I think they take a lot more people off of the waitlist. If you are looking to do something in International Law and are looking for the public sector or  things of that nature then American is great. My friend loves it there and I loved my visit. The costs is a huge deterance for me though. Do you think I should email them every other week to indicate how serious I am about my attendance. I am moving back to Houston no later than the middle of June. I am not leaving til Early August at the latest and even then I will drive back down and just have to lose that housing deposit.

As for your resume -- I think you need to reduce the rest so that you can get this new information on there. You should always have a current resume anyway, and you will definitely be needing one once you are in law school, so you may as well get it done (although a resume to get you into law school looks different than one to get you a job, so you'll have to change it up). But wow, it's two pages? Yeah, I say reduce and update and send.

As for Cali -- are you saying that if you got into UHLC and Pepperdine you would choose UH? or Pepperdine?

As for American -- you're right, it's great for international law! I -like- the public side of it, but it's not where the money is. Hopefully I will be able to use American's resources to find a good balance between the two (public and private). Heh, if that's possible.

As for emailing them every couple of weeks -- I dont know. Maybe that's a little much. I guess it depends on the particular school. American told me whenever you email them they print it out and stick it in your file so that when your file goes back into review they can see that you've been showing a continued interest. I would say that at that point, the more 'interest' you've shown, the better. But I wouldnt keep emailing just to say "Hi, Im still interested!" ... maybe say that once. And another time ask them something about a program. Another time send them your resume. Maybe another time tell them you are exploring career options in Houston and see if they have an alumni list to find someone you could talk to. Maybe another time call to see if they can provide you with a list of firms that recruit on-campus. I don't know, maybe that's the wrong approach, but it sure seemed like that was what the lady at American was saying to do!

Dang Silent, you still havent heard from them! Yea I heard about the SMU decision, I am sorry. I am still trying to get into UHLC. I have a letter that is almost done and I will be sending it in this week. I am still hoping and praying. I NEED to be there this fall.

What do you mean, you 'heard'?  :o 

Not to hijack this thread, but -- as flippant as it sounds (and I don't mean it that way at all), I'm not upset about the SMU WL. Had I been accepted, I would have withdrawn because I really think my best two options are UH and WCL. But, I am determined to stick it out longer than the ad comms and force every school to give me some kind of decision -- I paid alot of money this cycle!!

As for UHLC, send the letter. Do you have any updates at all to make to a resume? Any hopes for getting another LOR? I've said it in other threads about Wait Lists, but I think it merits repeating --

Something that has really surprised me about how the wait list works, is that as it gets later in the summer, they start looking for people on the WL that they are certain will take the seat if they are offered it. In other words, make it abundantly clear that, even if its a few days before class starts, you will still drop everything and leave. One person at American told me they called a guy off the WL last year who was in Italy at the time, because he told them he had family in DC and would literally hop on the next flight home if they offered him a seat. Something opened up just before school started, and they called him not because he was the 'best' applicant, but because he was the one they knew would accept!

I know that's kind of an extreme example, but it shows how important it is to make it clear that you are the one who, if accepted, has a way and a will to get your butt over there.

If you really do want it that bad, that is!  Good luck with UHLC,  I really hope you get in!!

Where do I find the rankings?
NYC BigLaw


LOL .. awesome.

I should use Cooley's rankings -- American is T14 :D :D

I still havent heard a PEEP from STCL!! It'd be nice to be able to count my cycle finished, already!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Texas Law Schools?
« on: May 07, 2007, 12:33:24 AM »
Uh, why?

In:  UH ($8000 scholarship) Sent seat deposit, still deciding b/w them and American
Out: UT *sniff*
WL:  SMU ... I withdrew
MIA: Baylor & South Texas

LSAT 163 / GPA 2.69 (3.47 Degree)

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: American Waitlist Thread
« on: May 07, 2007, 12:21:08 AM »
When I was visiting a couple of weeks ago, Brooke said that when they start looking to take people off the waitlist, especially once it starts to get later in the summer, they are looking for people they know will accept the offer. That is to say, the more in touch you stay with the admissions office, and if you are contacting them every couple of weeks or so to give an update or express your continued interest. Also, she said that if you are really wanting to get off the WL, and you have a way to get yourself to DC even at the last minute, you should tell them that. If a chance spot opens up, they will call you first because they know you will be able to make it.

Also, she said that they couldnt say for sure when they would go to the WL, but that they would. And that it could start as soon as "in two weeks," which would be this week.

Maybe none of this is new or helpful, but now that I've typed it, I'm clicking post. haha.

very helpful...thanks so much! I've seen you post a lot about American and the information has always been great. Are you definitely going to American?

Thanks, I'm glad someone's benefitting from my typings! I keep making all sorts of plans as if I've decided to really go there (housing deposit, seat deposit, plans to move, telling my friends to come visit... lol), so my heart is definitely in it, even if my brain is lacking behind a little. I'm like 99% sure :)

I don't know if you've seen these, but here are the pictures I took while visiting:

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